Are the mainstream media complicit or just lazy?

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On these pages we talk about the big things going on – like the fact our embassy in Tripoli has now been abandoned. Oh, you didn’t hear about that? Exactly.

As I was taking my morning run today, I thought about “low information” voters. Granted, there are some people who consciously avoid news and current events. But how many more are simply not getting the truth?

Yesterday I met with my editor to go over some items and she told me about a phone call she received from a local newspaper journalist regarding the story we posted about “that question everyone is asking me.” The reporter wanted clarification, but to be honest, the piece was pretty self-explanatory. Then my editor changed the subject and inquired if the paper would be covering the still outstanding Florida voter registration fraud issues in Broward, Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties – part of the newspaper’s circulation areas.

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The reporter’s response – and he’s a political columnist — was “probably not.”

How can we have an informed electorate if the media can’t be bothered to inform? But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

On a greater scale, consider the recent Time magazine cover, screaming in red, “Cold War II,” with a picture of Vladimir Putin. It was right here in South Florida in Boca Raton on the campus of Lynn University — at the final debate on foreign policy and national security — where GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was derided, skewered, and ridiculed for saying that Russia was an enemy. I believe President Obama made some backhanded disrespectful comment like, “the 80’s called and wants their foreign policy back.”

But it was a lazy media more focused on election politics than truth and strategic vision to alert the American people, and make an objective assessment. So now look at where we are.

A failed “reset” which has led to the shoot down of a civilian airliner by Russian-backed paramilitary goons and Russia firing from its territory into a sovereign state, Ukraine. Not to mention Russia annexing Ukrainian territory, Crimea.

And where was the media? It was too busy writing stories about Mitt Romney’s dog on the roof of his car or how his company killed some man’s wife — journalistic integrity anyone?

Consider this week’s MSNBC host Joy Reid interviewing a senior Israeli administration official and asking him about the “Israeli occupation of Gaza.” Obviously this uninformed talking head had no clue that years ago Israel had turned over Gaza to the “Palestinians.” Not to mention Reid unconsciously, or actually consciously, failed to state that Hamas is a terrorist organization and Israel is a sovereign state. She failed to mention how Hamas advocated using its people as human shields for the sake of propaganda — for willing accomplices like Reid.

And that “phony scandal” in Benghazi, when all we heard about was a stupid video? Not so phony after four Americans are dead and our embassy has been abandoned. I guess there’s so little going on in Libya, the U.S. can just pack up and go home.

My frustration is that our Founding Fathers gave us a First Amendment right of a free press. The press has now used that privilege to freely lie, deceive, and influence Americans based upon its own liberal progressive agenda. Any reason why we have such an uninformed mass in America? It is by design, and as they say, “in a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

How many mainstream media outlets are informing the American people that President Obama offered to just send planes to Central American countries like Honduras and El Salvador to carry the “refugees” straight to America?

I laugh at members of the media who are now issuing letters and filing complaints against the Obama administration for restricting their access. That’s what Obama meant all along about “transparency” and you all fell for it — no sympathy from me since you enabled it these past six years.

So, as you enjoy your Saturday, ask yourself, am I informed – or have I allowed myself to be a “useful idiot?”

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