More Brits signing up to join ISIS than UK Army Reserve

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Today there will be a rally to support Middle East Christians from 12-3 pm in front of the White House. It will be interesting to see who shows up and if the media covers it at all. If you can’t make it, you can sign this petition to the White House.

Across the pond in England, there are also two concurrent calls for support. One is for Army Reservists. The other one is not so jolly – in fact, it’s a disturbing reflection of the policies of multiculturalism and coexistence.

As the UK Daily Mail reports, “More British citizens signed up to fight in Iraq and Syria than joined the Army Reserve last year. Just 170 extra reservists enlisted over the past year – despite a Government target to boost the stand-by force by 11,000 by 2018.”

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“But at the same time, the brutal al-Qaida inspired ISIS forces tearing through Iraq have been boosted by ‘several hundred’ Brits.”

So I want you to digest what was just stated: more Brits signed up to fight in the Middle East for ISIS than to fight for their own country, as reservists. This goes beyond the scope of “homegrown terrorism.” It is now a clear and present danger to the stability of western civilization.

Just yesterday we reported that ISIS has gone from being a “just” a terrorist organization to a full-blown army. Let me put this all in a historical sense.

There were Americans of German descent who left the country and fought on the side of the “fatherland.” These individuals were highly effective when they were dropped in behind our lines and caused disruption in our operations. Why? Because they looked like Americans, and talked like Americans and knew American culture.

Once again those who failed to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Just as those young Germans felt a calling for their homeland, it seems these unassimilated Muslims — and some converts — have a calling to jihad. And for all you apologists, this is not about some “inner struggle” – it’s about wreaking death and destruction.

The Mail reports that’s “terror experts believe there could be as many as 500 Brits fighting alongside the jihadists in the Middle East for ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). A senior government minister said: ‘There is a real problem about people going in and being radicalized and then coming home. There are several hundred who have gone from Britain that we know of. It is a worry. ‘To get to Iraq most of them will have to go through Syria, so the two are connected.’ Foreign Secretary William Hague yesterday admitted Brits will ‘inevitably’ be fighting alongside ISIS which he called the ‘most violent and brutal militant group in the Middle East.’”

“Hague said, ‘As I have previously told this House, we estimate the number of UK-linked individuals fighting in Syria to include approximately 400 British nationals and other UK-linked individuals who could present a particular risk should they return to the UK.’ He said ‘some of these, inevitably’ are ‘fighting with’ Isis. Shadow defense secretary Vernon Coaker said he revelation was humiliating for the country and needed to be tackled. Coaker said, ‘The government’s own figures show more UK citizens are joining ISIS than signing up for the Armed Forces Reserves. This is shameful, embarrassing and will cause deep concern.”

Shameful? Embarrassing? Deep concern? What about down right dangerous? And you can bet if there was a crackdown of Islamic jihadist activities in the UK, all the weak apologists would come out and complain. Just look at how many of them joined in to protest in support of a terrorist organization, Hamas, against Israel.

There are neighborhoods in England where law enforcement stays away because sharia rules. What an insidious surrender of the British rule of law. How many recall the gruesome and barbaric murder of British Soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight by two Nigerian Muslim jihadists? I know, we have no sense of total recall. I will not forget, and the freshly bloodied hands of the animal who posed for the camera and delivered his speech.

And what was the response? Restraint, don’t blame Muslims, don’t blame Islam — this is what it gets you folks, weakness is enticing to these monsters. And yes, the $10,000 question: how many have departed our own American shores to fight beside ISIS?

Perhaps the gravity of the situation is beginning to sink in. The Mail reports that “UK Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire has warned any Brits considering joining the battle abroad that they will face jail in Britain for any terror-related offences – even if they are carried out abroad.”

Brokenshire says “the Serious Crime Bill would extend the reach of the Terrorism Act 2006 so that UK-linked individuals and those who seek to harm UK interests, who travel overseas to prepare or train more generally for terrorism, can be prosecuted as if their actions had taken place in the UK.”

Here is the deal. There has to be a law clearly defining that on this 21st Century battlefield, if you depart your country of citizenship and travel to ally with Islamic terrorist organizations, you have in turn renounced your citizenship and become an unlawful enemy combatant. If engaged on the battlefield, you will be treated as the enemy. If captured on the battlefield, you will have lost your rights and will be treated as the enemy.

Of course the problem is that here we afford the enemy constituional rights. If we didn’t, it would eliminate all the angst about the fate of Anwar al-Awlaki and his ilk.

This is a very serious issue. But I guess it’s just too serious to disturb the Fundraiser-in-Chief.

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