Will Muslim apologists find excuse for destruction of Jonah’s shrine?

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Our nation cowers rather than confronts the reality of Islamic totalitarians and jihadists. We opine with the language of apologists and condemn our own citizens as “Islamophobes” for speaking the truth. We recoil, saying this isn’t about Islam and we’re not fighting a religious battle.

Stop it. Stop running from these barbaric savages as they continue to evidence their true intentions and designs. Christians are being slaughtered — thank God for Meriam Ibrahim’s escape from the terror that faced her in Sudan.

This morning after my morning devotional, I turned on the TV to be reminded once more who the enemy is. As reported by the Daily Caller, “Radicals from the Muslim terrorist organization (now an army frankly) the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), destroyed the shrine of the Christian biblical prophet Jonah, in an action not seen since the Taliban destroyed Buddhist religious sites in Bamiyan Province during their rule in Afghanistan.”

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Mosul is located in the ancient area of Ninevah and of course Jonah is a prophet of the Old Testament. He is best known in the Old Testament as the man swallowed by a large fish. Jonah spent three days and three nights inside the fish, praying to God. He is saved by God and then proceeds to save the people of Nineveh. Jonah is revered in Christianity and Judaism. Jonah, as with other aspects of Christianity and Judaism, is mentioned in the Koran (an early version of plagiarism) but it seems he is not so revered.

And we are just sitting back and watching it all happen. Remember it was the Taliban who hosted Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. Has anyone forgotten the consequences?

At least the Kurds protect the biblical historical sites of Daniel or else we know what would happen under ISIS.

The Daily Caller says “Iraqi news sources reported that the group destroyed the prophet’s shrine located east of Mosul on Thursday, after seizing control of the mosque that contained it. The militants shut down all doors of the mosque, preventing religious observers from entering for their daily prayer, before blowing up the holy site.”

“The tomb of the prophet Jonah in Mosul was the primary shrine to the biblical figure in the world, and served as his major worship site. It was built on an archeological site dating back to the 8th century BC, and is believed to be the burial place of Jonah, although this fact cannot be fully confirmed. The shrine was last renovated by Sadam Hussein during the 1990s. Since then, the site has remained a popular site for religious pilgrims.”

How ironic, Saddam at least respected Jonah’s shrine. Well, it exists no more, and the place that honored a prophet of the Old Testament is nothing but dust — thanks to Islamic jihadists. Is there any doubt what would happen if ISIS ever got control of Hebron — or God forbid, Jerusalem?

As Samuel Huntington wrote in the mid 90s, this is the clash of civilizations — and I will stand on the right side of history.

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