The terror big leagues: Islamic State now has an army

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Remember when President Obama referred to certain terrorist groups as “JV” (Junior Varsity) and said just because you put on the Lakers uniform it doesn’t make you Kobe Bryant?

Well, one of those “JV” teams just went pro. As reported by CNS News, “A State Department official who just returned from a seven-week trip to Iraq said the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS or ISIL or just IS) is no longer just a terrorist group.

“ISIL is no longer simply a terrorist organization,” Brett McGurk, deputy assistant secretary for Iraq and Iran at the U.S. Department of State, said at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Wednesday. “It is now a full-blown army seeking to establish a self-governing state through the Tigris and Euphrates Valley in what is now Syria and Iraq.”

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I know, I should just chill out because as President Obama jets around, he has all of this under control — tell that to the Christians who were just driven out of Mosul, a city where, for the first time in history, no Christians live thanks to the Islamic State.

And could it be this caught the Obama administration by surprise? Shouldn’t have, especially since Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), chairman of the committee, said the Obama administration testified six months ago before the same committee about the threat posed by ISIS — but no action was taken to thwart its advance.

“Never has a terrorist organization possessed the heavy weaponry, cash and personnel that ISIS does today – which includes thousands of western passport holders,” Royce said. ISIS recently acquired several medium caliber howitzers, 155mm, of American make that had been in the custody of the Iraqi Army.

In his opening remarks, according to CNS News, “McGurk said ISIS or ISIL is “worse than al-Qaida” and a threat to the United States. “ISIL is al-Qaida,” McGurk said, adding that this is the case even if it changed its name or leadership. “But it is al-Qaida in its doctrine, ambition and increasingly in its threat to U.S. interests. “In fact, it is worse than al-Qaida,” McGurk said. “The situation in Iraq remains extremely serious,” McGurk said in the conclusion of his prepared remarks. “While our immediate crisis response may have blunted the initial security crisis, ISIL represents a growing threat to U.S. interests in the region, local populations, and the homeland.”

So just two years after we were told, “Osama bin Laden is dead, al-Qaida is decimated and on the run”, we have a burgeoning Islamic terrorist state, with its own army. And I would submit that this is no different than Hamas and Hezbollah.

What has happened is that without Osama bin Laden, there has indeed been an Islamic caliphate established — in the open, not in the shadows. And that’s what gives ISIS such strength and credibility in the jihadist Islamic world. It has a financial base and growing financial and moral support from Qatar — whom we allow to broadcast Al Jazeera in America — and Turkey. And it is an enemy which grows more entrenched and stronger as days and month pass by.

I believe the next major terrorist attack against the West is being planned as we speak. I am very concerned about the number of western passport holders who are part of ISIS. What causes me grave concern is that we have a porous border and the transnational criminal organizations — drug cartels — have signaled their willingness to align with anyone who will pay them. The ingredients of a very dangerous hemlock are being mixed and eventually the elixir will be forced down our throats. The sad thing is we are voluntarily allowing it to be prepared, and it may just be too late to prevent it from being involuntarily administered in the not too distant future.

This cannot be dismissed.
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