Democrat men losing their War on Women

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Down south we have a saying: “If you go to the well too often it ends up being dry.” That “War on Women” pit the Democrats keep dipping into may be a little arid these days, and as a matter of fact, stirring up the ire of women.

According to the Washington Times, “Some women are getting sick of the Democrats’ “War on Women.” Take Laura Carno, who became so fed up with the nonstop “War on Women” political advertising campaign in Colorado that she put together a radio ad of her own. It’s aimed at Sen. Mark Udall, a Democrat who’s pushing the theme in his re-election bid against Republican Rep. Cory Gardner. “I have to ask, Sen. Udall, why do you get your underwear all in a bundle about women and birth control?” Ms. Carno, who heads the conservative group I Am Created Equal, says in the spot. “Do you honestly think we need the government to make these choices for us?”

Democrats seem to love to get into “bedroom” issues — maybe that’s where they’re most comfortable. Is it possible that Democrats have relegated women to being so hapless and helpless that this is the only issue for which they are concerned? I guess they think the economy, energy, illegal immigration, healthcare costs, rising gas and food commodity prices, as well as national security and foreign policy are just too complex for women to comprehend?

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“The feedback I’m hearing from women, especially women who aren’t involved in politics, is, ‘Why do they think I only care about birth control? Don’t they realize I’m more complicated than that?’” said Ms. Carno, who lives in Colorado Springs. “Women know how to get their own birth control. We’re pretty damn smart.”

Ah but, not to liberal progressive socialists, ma’am.

All you have to do is follow the money to assess where the Democrats are focusing. The Washington Times says “the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s Bannock Street Project is sinking $60 million into increasing turnout among key demographic groups, including women. The Senate Majority PAC and other Democrat-friendly committees are targeting Republican candidates on issues like abortion, birth control and equal pay in states that could determine the balance of power in the Senate, including Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire and North Carolina. “Take a stand immediately: Demand Republicans stop waging their disgusting War on Women,” says a petition on the DSCC website.”

Seems weak to me — but effective for the low voters who don’t understand the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case ruling.

How about the GOP responds with this, “The real War on Women is being waged by Obama and his liberal progressive acolytes who are destroying the American dream for women, and their children. The GOP is focused on a war not just FOR women, but for all Americans, who we see as individuals with promise — not as a collective where they can instill fear and freely manipulate.” (And the marketing/communications department at the RNC can use that, gratis, of course).

Of course, it’s tougher to sell the “War on Women” when the Republican candidate actually is a woman.

As the Washington Times reports, “Missy Shorey, executive director of the conservative women’s group Maggie’s List, said it’s Democrats who are waging the real war by moving to knock GOP women out of contested primaries. She pointed to the Oregon Senate race, which saw a Democratic operative leak police files to the press on a domestic dispute involving Dr. Monica Wehby a week before the Republican primary in May.”

But otherwise, the Democrats are calling upon the “Ghost of Todd Akin past,” comparing this year’s GOP Senate candidates to the Missouri Republican now infamous for his “legitimate rape” comment in 2012.

“Cory Gardner, Thom Tillis, Terri Lynn Land and Joni Ernst are cut from the same cloth as Todd Akin and embrace the same radical positions to block birth control and roll back women’s health care rights as he does,” said DSCC spokeswoman Regan Page.

It is incomprehensible for Democrats to accept that people are individuals and all have a brain. I am quite sure Gardner, Tillis, Land and Ernst can think for themselves – a quality and characteristic not welcomed in the Democrat party.

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