Who says I’m not fair & balanced: two video views of the Israeli conflict

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I am often criticized for providing only a one-sided view of events – in general that is because I do want to provide only one side: the truth.

But today I am sharing two videos, which show you different sides of the Israeli conflict with Hamas.

One from May of this year is a clip from Palestinian al-Aqsa TV. It’s a children’s program with a fuzzy bee character that encourages little boys – and girls — to kill Jews.

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The other video produced by Stand With Us is a collage of clips clearly explaining Hamas’ tactic (and admission) of using their own citizens as shields and targets. It is an act of cowardice – as one Israeli officer says, if you want to fight, why hide?

Anyone who rejects this evidence and continues to protest in support of Hamas and condemn Israel is clearly either anti-Semitic or deluded – or both.

Just yesterday the unindicted co-conspirator and Muslim Brotherhood front group, Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), initiated a letter-writing campaign to end the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Where was CAIR’s letter writing about the genocidal demands of ISIS to the Iraqi Christians?

I also have to ask, how often is the airport in Kabul and Kandahar closed to international flights — and that is an active war zone. Trust me, I’ve been there and know that rockets, missiles, and suicide ground assaults by the Taliban are a constant threat.

So is the Obama administration’s FAA trying to protect American flights heading to Ben Gurion Airport — or is this some backdoor means to isolate and bring economic pressure against Israel? I’ll hold back my final assessment until after this latest 24-hour restriction ends.

There can be no clearer situation and confrontation. You can align yourself with a sovereign nation-state, Israel, and its survival, liberty, and freedom. Or you can align yourself with iIslamic terrorists and their state sponsors: Qatar, Turkey, and Iran.

There are anti-Semitic, deluded minds on our college campuses joining with terrorist supporters advocating for the insidious BDS — boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel. They are of course part of the liberal progressive socialist Left and follow the ever more dangerous influence of Saul Alinsky radicalism.

Consider the fact that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and the Kurds do not support the Islamist movement — and we have Americans who do. Without question our own American president and his administration are part of that latter group.

When you finally accept and understand President Obama is on the side of the Islamists, all of his actions in the Middle East make perfect sense – which is why he is despised in Egypt for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood (who as you know has many associates in the Obama administration).

I wonder if Barack Hussein “Flexibility” Obama has time to view these two videos during his American Fundraising Tour surely coming to a city near you. I doubt it. But I hope you will watch and share them. We must ensure the truth is not suppressed.

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