Arab journalist: Arab leaders pray Israel will get rid of Hamas once and for all

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I’m sure you’ve heard about the protests conducted in Paris and London to support a terrorist organization – Hamas — against a sovereign nation-state — Israel. Somehow these protestors fail to understand that Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups exist to destroy the State of Israel. Or is this just the face of 21st Century anti-semitism and Islamic totalitarianism? Considering the large Muslim populations in England and France, that may well be true.

But what I’m quite certain you haven’t heard or seen is the point of view from Gaza-born Arab journalist, Abd Al-Bari Atwan. According to Atwan, even Arab leaders are tired of Hamas and “pray Israel will get rid of Hamas once and for all.”

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Consider this — it is Egypt, the largest Arab nation in the world, which is fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood — a terrorist organization that the Obama administration supported. Egypt is destroying the Hamas (Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood ) tunnels and cutting off their support. Egypt is fighting against jihadists trying to establish sanctuaries and bases of operations in the Sinai. All the while, the Obama administration is withholding Apache attack helicopter support to Egypt — yet Obama provided Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government with fighter aircraft and tanks. Whose side is Obama on? Whose side is the global progressive socialist Left on?

Certainly Obama and the Left are not aligned with liberty and freedom from Islamic totalitarianism and jihadism. They protest against it.

According to an AFP report on, “Parts of central London were brought to a standstill on Saturday as thousands of pro-Palestinians marched in protest against Israel’s offensive in Gaza, while in Paris a banned demonstration descended into violence. Organizers of the London rally claimed that “tens of thousands” of people joined the march from Prime Minister David Cameron’s office to the Israeli embassy, many of them chanting “Israel is a terror state.”

Israel is a terror state? Israel is a terror state? Israel seeks its survival and is fighting against a masked, non-state, non-uniform terrorist enemy that has declared as its goal the extermination of every Jew. What part of that do these idiots not understand? Israel dragged its own citizens out of Gaza and turned it over to these “Palestinians” and what has been their reward? Rockets and missiles. Tunnels used by the enemy to infiltrate into Israel to capture or kill its citizens.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated the truth simply: “We use missiles to protect our people, Hamas uses people to protect their missiles.”

Yahoo reports that “British Labour lawmaker Diane Abbott said it was the “biggest London Palestinian rally in years.” The left-wing Stop the War Coalition, one of the organizers of the march, condemned British and U.S. support for Israel as “nothing less than collusion with war crimes killing women, children and disabled people.” Sarah Colborne, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said the five-hour demonstration was a “chance to say enough is enough: Israel’s siege of Gaza and its occupation of Palestinian land has to end now.” “

And this is the typical liberal progressive and Islamic jihadist response: blame the victim – Israel — and support the aggressor. I suppose these same protestors believe that it’s the fault of the Iraqi Christians that they happen to live in Mosul and if they fought back against the Islamic State (IS) who wishes their destruction, they’d be in the wrong. This is just an indicator as to how effective the Islamic totalitarian propaganda machine has been in the West. We have allowed a cancer to take root in our civilization that is perpetuating a horrible lie and distortion of the truth. Sadly enough, we have individuals like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and John Kerry who continue to make comments fueling this sentiment.

You don’t hear about any protests to support Christians facing genocide in Iraq. This is the collusion between the Leftist progressives and Islamic jihadists. It is a clear a present danger for America, Israel and indeed the world. And it is precisely why the liberal Left cannot be in a position of power in our respective countries.
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