Why I wish the black community were more like the LGBT community

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Quick: guess what percentage of the U.S. population is gay. Now, tell me what percentage of the population is black. Hold those thoughts for a moment.

When you assess the influence the LGBT lobby has in America you’d think the population is significant. They’re quite adept in manipulating public opinion and advocating for policies that favor their community. Just look at the number of TV shows that feature gay characters or gay story lines. What percentage did you guess? Eight to ten percent? There was even a Gallup Poll where respondents believed the actual gay population to be 1 in 5, or 20 percent.

Not even close. According to the first large-scale government survey measuring sexual orientation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, LESS THAN THREE PERCENT of the U.S. population identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual. That means basically 97 percent of the population is heterosexual.

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As the Washington Post reports, ”The National Health Interview Survey, which is the government’s premier tool for annually assessing Americans’ health and behaviors, found that 1.6 percent of adults self-identify as gay or lesbian, and 0.7 percent consider themselves bisexual. The overwhelming majority of adults, 96.6 percent, labeled themselves as straight in the 2013 survey. An additional 1.1 percent declined to answer, responded “I don’t know the answer” or said they were “something else.” (A previous Gallup poll pegged the total number at 3.4 percent)

And yet right now I’m looking at a Direct TV ad for the film “To Be Takei” which chronicles the life of former Star Trek veteran, George Takei, who is also famously gay. (He is also a Japanese-American, but that group represents only two-tenths of a percent of the population).

Now, I know all the liberal progressive socialists and radical gay progressives are just sitting back waiting to pounce – sorry folks.

My point of analysis is this: how can such a small percentage of the population have such a powerful impact on public policy? How is it that this small, special interest lobby can be so effective in overturning the referendum of the people in the State of California and influence judicial benches to rule in their favor?

How is it that the small group can mobilize so effectively to cause a married couple to lose their bakery business in Oregon, and another “straight” couple to be forced into court in New Mexico over their photography studio?

How is it that this small group can effect military personnel policy — and I’d like to know the size of the LGBT population in the U.S. military. How can it be that 1.6 percent of the American population can be so effective in advocating its agenda?

And here’s the reason why I ask. Because 13 percent of this country is black and seems to have no voice whatsoever to effect policy to turn around the horrific conditions of our inner cities.

The President is black. The Attorney General is black. The head of Homeland Security is black. There is even a Congressional Black Caucus, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), National Urban League, fraternities and sororities, U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce, National Black Chamber of Commerce, Black Pastors Associations, Black Professional Associations — heck, there’s even a National Association of Black SCUBA Divers.

All of this and we have an out-of-wedlock birth rate in the black community of 72 percent. Just 1.6 percent can push for gay marriage but 13 percent cannot promote what was once the strength of the black community: the traditional family unit with one man and one woman.

There is a real black unemployment rate of nearly 16 percent, a black teen unemployment rate of nearly 40 percent and black small business and entrepreneurship is down. Here in South Florida, Broward County to be exact, contrast the vibrant gay community of Wilton Manors with the black community areas of nearby Ft. Lauderdale and comparatively assess the property values.

Schools in the black community are failing, but we have a black president and attorney general fighting against school choice/voucher programs. What the hell is going on that 1.6 percent is getting everything they want in advancing their policy agenda, but the black community is seemingly going backwards?

Look at the gang violence and murder in the black urban communities — you think if one gay person tripped and stubbed a toe in a straight neighborhood, the whole world wouldn’t know about it? Look at the abject failure of Detroit versus the thriving gay community of San Francisco. Somebody explain this to me, because I am truly befuddled.

How many black mayors are there? In my hometown of Atlanta there is Mayor Kasim Reed, who I hope doesn’t end up like former Mayor Bill Campbell or Detroit’s jailed Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Compare the gay community in Atlanta, centered around Midtown, to that of the black community surrounding Turner Field. And just so you know, Cobb County won out for the new Atlanta Braves stadium. If you live in Atlanta, you know why.

Again, how is it that 1.6 percent is so much more effective than 13 percent? I think it boils down to this: leadership, focus, and unity. The gay community has even been successful in co-opting the “vision” of the black civil rights movement and claiming it for themselves in comparison. I don’t believe there is one, as race and sexual behavior are not comparable.

But it is their complete and total dedication to influence society to accommodate their lifestyle – talk about the one-percenters! And how is it that this small percentage is able to have countless political figures pander to their cause, whims, and voice — yet 13 percent can’t seem to get anything accomplished.

Based on the results of the survey I applaud the LGBT community in being able to affect such a powerful platform in American society and politics. There is another small group seemingly capable of doing the same: CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, and MAS. I would hope that LGBT community does not see them as allies.

What I do see is the black community in America becoming less and less relevant — something for the NAACP to ponder at their national convention next week in Las Vegas. My recommendation would be to have this convention in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia or Atlanta — just somewhere where the black urban community is failing and address the issues. Once upon a time, a prominent black leader advocated for education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. His name was Booker T. Washington.

Consider the words of the black woman in Houston regarding the wave of illegal immigrant children, who asked, “what about the g***** kids here?” Ma’am, I am asking the same.

This is the result of failed black leadership: irrelevance.

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