United Blood Nation threatens to kill officers in New Jersey to avenge death of cop killer

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We are so focused on the crime and violence in Central America that we fail to see what’s happening right here in our America.

In the Bible there is a verse, Matthew 7:3 (New International Version) which states, “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

Our own urban areas are crumbling under the weight of black-on-black crime, violence and lawlessness but we must focus on being “compassionate” about children escaping the violence elsewhere. Central America has its MS-13 (now apparently actively recruiting in immigrant shelters – but we already have the murderous Bloods.

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As reported by the New York Post, “The Bloods have vowed to kill more Jersey City cops to avenge the thug the police shot dead this week after he executed a rookie officer. The violent street gang has threatened to “kill a Jersey City cop and not stop until the National Guard is called out,” a senior law enforcement source revealed. Police are even being warned that violent Bloods gang members may be traveling from out of state to target officers in New Jersey, according to an internal New Jersey State Police advisory obtained by The Post.”

I find it shameful that a white news reporter, Sean Bergin, was suspended from his job and eventually quit because he addressed another problem in urban communities: lack of fathers in homes. And yes, that dearth of positive male role models in the black community is causing a real problem. My father would have throttled me if he felt I wanted to join a gang.

The political agenda in America means everyone is focusing on appeasing the Hispanic lobby but no one is listening to the gunshots in our inner cities.

The Post reports, “New Jersey State Police has received credible information from the Jersey City Police Department about specific threats toward Jersey City police officers and law enforcement,” the advisory read. “The United Blood Nation may take retaliatory action against police officers.” The New Jersey State Police advisory cautioned that officers should remain vigilant and be aware of “the potential for Bloods traveling into Jersey City.”

“The gang threat was made in direct response to the fatal Jersey City police shooting of Lawrence Campbell moments after he ambushed Officer Melvin Santiago in a Walgreens parking lot early Sunday. Santiago had been responding to an armed robbery at the 24-hour drugstore when Campbell unleashed a barrage of bullets, leaving 13 holes across the patrol car’s windshield. Santiago, 23, was shot in the head. His partner dodged the bullets and returned fire, killing Campbell.”

This is the deplorable state of the black community in America. A thug guns down a cop – premeditated — and is in turn killed for his murderous assault. The response? A call for a vendetta against law enforcement officers.

So where is the nation’s top cop, Eric Holder? Where is Barack Hussein Obama? Is it possible that Lawrence Campbell could have been his son? There’s a powder keg just waiting for the fuse to be lit. And what happens if members of the infamous Bloods gang fires more shots at police? Will we then see Al Sharpton and others showing up to condemn, not the Bloods, but the police?

Where is the NAACP, and other so-called black leaders, who should be condemning the actions of Campbell and the makeshift memorial put up to honor him?

We are losing a battle right here in America and let me be clear, if the Bloods come into Jersey City to carry on violence — they deserve whatever they get.

But let’s review what’s happening in America under the reign of Obama: ISIS has captured American 155 mm field artillery guns in Iraq and declared their intent to attack America; our border is dissipating regardless of what Harry Reid states; our inner cities are exploding in crime and violence; and the economy is barely recovering.

It’s the perfect storm — all happening under the purview of the accidental president.

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