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Even though we’re still in 2014 and there are some very important midterm elections coming around the corner, many are looking ahead to the 2016 presidential election. I enjoy watching the online polls and the posturing of potential candidates such as Governor Chris Christie out in Sun Valley, Idaho last week.

And yes, I do hear about the visits some folks are making up to New York City to garner the support of the Wall Street “kingmakers.” On the GOP side we hear the names: Christie, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, and there have been rumors about a third attempt by Mitt Romney. I suppose it’s a very deep bench with some extensive experience, but there is one point the GOP must understand about national level elections.

Image is key. Ever since the televised debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon image has been an essential factor. And in this technological age of instant messaging and social media, image has become even more important. The sound bite mentality of the America electorate means the visual combined with short, 30-second bumper sticker-like messages is now a more effective means to communicate with the population at large. Therefore, candidates must first win the image phase in order to set the conditions for the substantive issues/policy phase.

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This is where the Democrats and progressive socialists have the advantage over the GOP. They know how to make an emotional connection with voters through a touchy-feely image. We saw that with Bill Clinton (pun intended I suppose), and we certainly saw that with Barack Hussein Obama.

So much for the lineup being developed by the Republicans — but what of the Democrats for 2016? Here is my assessment.

Hillary Clinton makes it more difficult for the Democrats to win on the basis of image. I have no doubt the Democrats want to run another what I call “gimmick line” candidate – another first of. They were successful in marketing cool and hip with Bill Clinton who presented himself as very likable. And no doubt the image gimmick line for Obama was the “first black president” — a historical moment — which it seems many in America now regret. So what next?

There are two options for the Democrats.

First we must come accept today’s Democrat party is owned by the liberal progressive socialist Left, bought and paid for by George Soros and the Saul Alinsky-ites of Chicago. If there is to be a first woman presidential nominee from the Democrats, it will not be Hillary Clinton. As my wife Angela wrote, the nod will go to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

She excites the liberal progressive base of the Democrat party — unlike the GOP which seeks to distance itself from their conservative base, Dems embrace theirs — and keep their internal squabbles rather silent, which is aided by a complicit media.

Sen. Warren would be the best-perceived selection to continue the “fundamental transformation” of America and would rule even further to the Left than Obama. There is no certainty of a Hillary Clinton candidacy if it becomes clear her image has been irreparably tainted — which after her disastrous book tour seems to be a non-debatable truth. As well, keeping Hillary Clinton out there is a very worthwhile distraction to distract the GOP from looking at others — similar to how the allies built a false invasion force around U.S. General George S. Patton as part of the deception of Operation Overlord. The Germans knew Patton as the American’s most successful combat commander and believed that wherever Patton was there would be the main assault force — a postulation that led to their demise, and the allied success at Normandy, not Calais.

There’s another option available to the Democrats, and based on recent events this may just be the more viable path – to run the “first Hispanic” presidential nominee. And that would fall into the lap of one Julian Castro, former Mayor of San Antonio Texas. Consider this, an unheard-of state Senator from Illinois delivers the DNC keynote speech at their convention in 2004 — four years later he wins the presidential election in 2008. Julian Castor delivered the DNC keynote address in 2012 in Charlotte. Just last week, Castro was confirmed to be the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) — a way to give this young fella a little image enhancement via some experience in the federal government — a criticism of Obama.

As well, Castro comes from the state of Texas where there is a dedicated liberal progressive effort to “turn Texas blue” and where President Obama is allowing a flood of illegal immigrants.

What I believe the Democrats will do is based on the success of flooding America with illegal immigrants across our southern border. If they can tip the demographic balance in key states and areas, look for the surprise emergence of new HUD Secretary Julian Castro.

If not, they have the option of going to Elizabeth Warren who they believe can win based on her gender, the issue of income inequality, and motivating the liberal progressive base. Always remember the Democrats figure they have the black vote in their pocket, and why not? For decades black voters have given them blind allegiance over and over.

If you analyze the 2012 election results, Mitt Romney won nearly 73 percent of the counties in America, and still got taken to the woodshed. If the GOP doesn’t penetrate the urban centers, where liberal progressive policies have mostly failed, it just becomes a science again in winning the White House.

Democrats do the unpredictable, while Republicans do things based on leadership by entitlement — “whose turn is it next” — and lose. America can’t afford another 8 years of a far left progressive socialist ideologue as its president. We must not be fooled into falling for the next “historical moment.” I give it to Democrats — they think strategically. I don’t know if Republicans think at all.

The message of constitutional conservatism is superior to that of progressive socialism, the GOP hasn’t chosen the right messenger, and actually runs away from the message. There has to be a clear delineation based on principles and the image of American exceptionalism must be clearly and enthusiastically presented. Most importantly, the GOP must stand for “Growth, Opportunity and Promise” and go on offense to define progressive socialism and why it is failing. We will never win on defense. No on ever does.

The next two elections cycles will define the next 50 years for America. If you don’t believe me, check out Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act and how it still haunts our economy.

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