Islamists in Iraq seize nuclear material

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The speed in which the jihadist group Islamic State or IS (the terror artists former known as ISIS) is moving is quite disconcerting – although you can’t tell that by the response of the Obama administration.

And I’m quite sure the report that IS now possesses nuclear material will just be dismissed as well.

As reported by the UK Daily Telegraph, “Nuclear material reportedly now in the hands of insurgents, including jihadists from the Islamic State in Iraq, is “low grade” and does not pose a significant security threat, the United Nations atomic agency said on Thursday. Gill Tudor, a spokeswoman with the International Atomic Energy Agency said: “On the basis of the initial information we believe the material involved is low grade and would not present a significant safety, security or nuclear proliferation risk.”

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Now, I’m not a nuclear physicist but I’m quite sure IS has the financial resources and the motive to find someone sharing their ideological conviction that could make something of the “low grade” nuclear material. After all, who would have thought airplanes could be used to achieve the same results as a multi-million dollar Tomahawk cruise missile?

The Telegraph says, “Mohamed Ali Alhakim, the Iraqi ambassador to the UN wrote a letter to told Ban Ki-moon, the organization’s secretary general on July 8th in which he warned that almost 40kg (88lb) of uranium compounds had been removed from the university in Iraq’s second largest city, where IS’s Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi delivered a sermon last Friday.”

I think too many still see these Islamic totalitarians as somewhat unsophisticated — primitive savage barbarians who seek a 7th Century existence — but they have 21st Century science and technology. And we’ve graciously allowed many to study in our universities and colleges, as was the case with Sayyid Qutb — don’t know who that is? Well, look him up.

These are the rascals who pioneered shoe bombs, underwear bombs, and various other means by which they can inflict mass destruction and pain upon their declared enemies — and just as a wake up call, that means us! So I believe we need to move from this very narrow definition of WMD and recognize this enemy can develop anything into WMD — like an airplane.

Some will say, “Hey West, stop being an alarmist or trying to scare us” — to wit I reply as my dad did before he whipped me, “Boy, fear is a motivator.”

The point is, what do we do with that motivation? As far as I’m concerned, I respect my enemy and take seriously his capability and threats — not to cower in fear, but to inspire me to kick his arse.
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