Truth and the American Way

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Truth: The American press funnels 88 percent of its campaign contributions to the Democratic Party, and is ideologically aligned with Obama and open border advocates in Washington. When a person or groups of people or even large institutions are IDEOLOGICALLY aligned with a position, they are unable to speak the truth, believe the truth, hear the truth or REPORT the truth. Their truth is their IDEOLOGY. Not even when they see it with their “lying eyes” will they believe grass is green when their ideology tells them it is yellow.

They will “acknowledge” a problem with unaccompanied minors flooding the borders, they will digest that tuberculosis means coughing blood and this will probably kill, you but because of their ideology they will become a proponent of that child joining YOUR children’s elementary school and tell you all kids get lice, call you racist for not wanting the gangs at your teenager’s high school or complaining about not being able to wear the American flag tee-shirt — and they will ask you “what would Jesus do” to shame you into submission. Their own children are in private school, by the way, but that is beside the point.

In the case of the immigrant children, we as Americans love small children, small animals, the poor and the unfortunate. And we have the immense capacity for compassion. In fact, the less we have, the more compassion we give. To that end we become easily manipulated by those who are able to twist our feelings for their ideological or monetary gain. We are cowed by the words, “you should be ashamed of yourself,” “what would Jesus do,” and “we were all immigrants when we stole the land from the native Americans.”

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First and foremost I will ask each and every one of you who decided to read this message this morning to understand that NO MAN or WOMAN who walks this earth, from your neighbors, friends, or boss and on to the pastors, pope, president or talk show host has the right to suggest that you should be ASHAMED of yourself. To suggest that they have the 411 on your motives. To have you relinquish your GOD GIVEN right to express your feelings. Every single one of those who administer their admonishment is voicing his or her OPINION, they did not receive the WORD of God whispered in their ears. For them to suggest such a thing would be considered blasphemy. In addition, each and every one of them have a profane, earthly reason – whether it’s accolades or monetary gain to make their statements.

You have a right to question what you see, you have a right to your own feelings, fears, and beliefs. For those who tell you something different, remember misery equals increasing might, influence and earthly gain. Believe nothing you hear from any man and verify everything. (1 Kings 3:9)

“So give Your servant an understanding heart to judge. Your people to discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of Yours?”

Run from those who claim to know the measure and motives of your heart, they do not represent goodness and mercy. They represent themselves. We have only to look at the many who have claimed to hear and speak the word of God, or in the case of the non-believers, to know “better than you” — in just this past year, who instead wallowed in sexual scandal, greed and self aggrandizement or the God Complex. We don’t need to lean on a man for our moral compass when we perfect one of our own.

We see and know the liars, but have fear and doubt. We fear “going against the grain,” we fear “speaking out.” We fear losing what little we have and as such we put at risk EVERYTHING we have — our health, salvation and family. Trust your instincts — that may be evidence of the message.

So finally, what is the American Way? The American way of life is an expression that refers to the lifestyle of those living in the United States of America. It is an example of behavioral norms, developed from the 17th century until today. It refers to a nationalist feeling that adheres to principles of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

It embodies the concept of American exceptionalism and the American Dream. American exceptionalism is a traditional belief that the United States is qualitatively different from other nation states — and it is. About 13 percent of the world’s adults — or about 630 million people — say they would like to leave their country and move somewhere else permanently. For roughly 138 million people, that somewhere else would be the U.S. — the number one desired destination for potential migrants.

And why do you think they desire to move HERE? Is it fad or fashion? No, because it IS different and more often than not YOU can determine your outcome with sane thinking, hard work and a pluck of luck. Your possibilities tend to be prescribed from within than imposed from the outside forces.

Is it perfect? No. But what is? And how can we protect this almost “garden of Eden?” So even those who grouse about how lousy it is can do so safely. How can we make it the continual number one destination for many people of the world? By enforcing the laws on the books regarding immigration, borders and crime. By maintaining the standards we have set over the past 100 years or so. By disregarding the charlatans who have existed since Biblical times, and by having the courage to speak the truth.

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