The worms turn: Lib reporter calls border crisis Obama’s Katrina moment.

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There are many overused metaphors in politics today but one USA Today reporter may have gotten it right in this case.

Remember how the liberal media pounded former President George W. Bush over Hurricane Katrina? Heck, he was even accused of hating black people.

Well, President Obama knows he has a liberal media machine that won’t turn against or challenge him. So as Obama went to Texas for Democrat party fundraisers, he refused to visit the crisis on our southern border, despite being invited by Texas GOP Governor Rick Perry. In typical Obama fashion it seems that such a visit is beneath his highness’ attention — in street slang, “he got this.”

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But, as reported by the Washington Times, “MSNBC panelists on Monday seemed puzzled by the president’s refusal to visit the U.S.-Mexico border while he fundraises in Texas, with USA Today reporter Susan Page calling the decision Mr. Obama’s “Katrina moment.”

“Appearing on “The Daily Rundown,” Carolyn Ryan of The New York Times argued that the crisis on the border, in which thousands of immigrants are crossing illegally in record numbers, goes to question the president’s competence.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but methinks Ms. Page probably won’t be getting invited back on MSNBC. And Carolyn Ryan may just be looking for her new office at the New York Times, somewhere in the bellows of the subterranean dwellings.

Remember the pictures of Bush flying over the devastation of Hurricane Katrina? At least Obama could have taken a flyover with Governor Perry. But hey, as White House mouthpiece Josh “Not-so-honest” Earnest said, “we are not worried.” Yep, we know you’re not.

Have a look at the pounding Obama is getting on this from his own side!

Chuck Todd (MSNBC): “You can see that 30-second TV ad. You start with the health care rollout. You go to the VA. You go to Syria. You go to Iraq. And you can go to the border. And you can draw a straight line.”

Susan Page (USA Today): “This is unacceptable to more than Republicans on immigration, the situation we have there. And boy, is that going to anger some of his core constituents who have wanted him to do more on immigration, not less. I think this is kind of a lose-lose for him, politically speaking. It’s a Katrina moment, right? And you’re going to a fundraiser and not going to the border where there’s this crisis?

Dan Balz (Washington Post): “It’s conceivably a lose-lose. I mean, if he goes he draws even more attention to the fact of the problem that they were unable to solve right now. In a symbolic sense he almost has to go, but in a practical, political sense there’s a risk.”

Obviously not, as Obama will pivot and just blame a law established by Bush. Note to the next president: be careful about what laws you establish and how they can be manipulated by subsequent administrations. Case in point – now there must be thousands of deportation hearings and the liberal media can demonize those in opposition as hating children.

However, considering the fact that we’re told we need billions of dollars even to fund the high number of hearings and in the meantime, these individuals will be released upon their own “cognizance” into communities – I’m certain we can rest assured they will return for their appointed hearing.

If this were a Republican president being asked by a Democrat border state governor to visit a crisis on our southern border, and said GOP president departed after fundraisers in that state — c’mon, you guys know what the media would be saying.

At some point the hypocrisy has to be obvious to all – but then again, I amuse myself thinking that progressive socialists hold themselves to any standard.

But just to have this metaphor being mentioned at all on the Most Seriously National Barack Channel (MSNBC) is an indicator. And the rumors are out that the Clinton machine seeks to make a separation from Obama — not that the Obama camp is concerned about that either.

Will the Left pull the rug from beneath their adored disciple of progressivism? I don’t think so, but some things just cannot go unchecked and unchallenged.

They’ll make up for it somehow, just wait and see. Meanwhile, the fundamental transformation of America marches on.

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