Thoughtspeak: California deletes words husband and wife from marriage law

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What are words for? Well, they’re the tools by which liberal progressives enable their agenda to take root – by changing language.

Need some examples? Government spending is referred to as investment. We don’t have terrorist attacks, they are man-caused disasters. There are no Islamic terrorists or jihadists — they are just insurgents. We don’t have combat operations and deployments, just overseas contingency operations. There are no illegal immigrants, just undocumented workers. I guess drug dealers are unlicensed pharmacists.

And so in the radical homosexual agenda – (sorry I mean gay as in happy vs heterosexuals as in boring and straight) — changing language is oh, so very important.

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In California for example the words “husband” and “wife” have actually been deleted from the state’s marriage law under a bill signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown, according to Fox News. The terms will be replaced with “spouse” to accommodate same-sex marriage, which became legal in the state last year after the Supreme Court struck down a voter-approved ban on it.

Fox reports that the bill, SB1306, signed Monday by Brown, “takes effect Jan. 1 and reflects the legality of gay marriage after a decade of litigation. The law also removes limits on recognizing same-sex marriages performed out of state.”

I think we all should be reminded that there was a referendum in 2008 whereby the people voted that marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman. Unfortunately, the vote of the people meant little to the radical progressive gay agenda who took it to the court. So can we also have the results of the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012 overturned? Just a thought.

Before our very eyes, we are slowly watching the liberal progressive agenda overtaking America based upon the ability to change language. Soon we shall be told that marriage is an old-fashioned, and therefore, outdated model of societal construct. Eventually pastors will be restricted from saying “I now pronounce you man and wife” and replaced by “you are now co-spouses, er…something.”

And if that is the case, then children will just be referred to as progeny of Parent 1 and Parent 2. They will no longer have moms and dads — again, old-fashioned terms ill suited for intellectually, socially and culturally advanced individuals.

Heck, we already have that familial breakdown in the black community where only 28 percent of black children have a mother and father in the home — thanks to the liberal progressive “Great Society” program and agenda, what an oxymoron that is – see? Language matters. How is that “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” working out?

But then I digress.

Fox says, “the bill was authored by state Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco, who said Monday the bill is necessary to update existing state law. “I am pleased Governor Brown has recognized the importance of this bill, which makes it explicitly clear in state law that every loving couple has the right to marry in California,” Leno said. “This legislation removes outdated and biased language from state codes and recognizes all married spouses equally, regardless of their gender.”

Notice the choice of words by State Senator Leno: “this legislation removes outdated and biased language” — folks you can’t make this stuff up — but it is quite predictable. We all have an unalienable right to the “pursuit of happiness” and if for some that means being engaged in a same-sex relationship, I fully support that right.

However, that right doesn’t mean you can force government to “guarantee your happiness” by accommodating your own personal choice of sexual behavior — no comparison to race please. I support civil unions but marriage is between one man and one woman, a husband and a wife, and they procreate and further society by producing children. But then again, will legislators such as State Senator Leno seek language to change the reference to “children?”

I am a husband and a dad, not a spouse. Angela is my wife and a mom, not just a spouse — Aubrey and Austen are our two children, our daughters. What are words for? To enable a subversive agenda to desensitize a nation and fundamentally transform it.

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