Does the illegal immigrant wave have the consent of the governed?

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Is it possible the Obama administration has once again misread the sentiments of the American people when it comes to the current crisis of illegal immigrants?

The last major faux pas came with the Rose Garden announcement of the return of Bowe Bergdahl — an attempt to distract the American people from the VA scandal. Of course President Obama believed he could use the ol’ “emotional heartstrings” tug on Americans, but it seems to be backfiring as well, big time.

At a time when Americans are suffering from chronic unemployment (as we reported last week), depressed wages, lack of full-time equivalent jobs, and high gas and food commodity prices — now they’re being told, or more accurately, forced to accept tens of thousands of illegals flooding our borders — something for which hardworking middle income taxpayers will be charged to support.

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The push back is real. As an article posted at says, “the federal government is redistributing the rights and access of Americans to our national wealth, benefits and opportunities to outsiders, squatters. They have absolutely no legitimate right to be here or to claim a share of our America. They are here solely by the dictates of a tyrannical federal fist and boot.”

The protests out in Murrietta, California blocking the entrance of busloads of illegal immigrants into their community may portend a much bigger confrontation.

The Daily Dose says, “the incident last week in Murrieta, CA, may be the new shot heard around the world in the invasion of America. While their mayor seems to be developing a case of weak-knees, the people are adamant. Reports are surfacing that the feds are about to up the stakes.”

“Breitbart Texas has exposed plans by the DHS to use the now all-too-familiar militarized police type of force on their next attempt to deliver their load of illegals into the community. One local resident in the nearby town of Temecula, California, Jeremy Oliver, says that local police have warned protesters that ‘it’s going to get ugly.’”

Oliver said, “The feds are pissed that they haven’t been able to use this facility. Officers out there warned people that federal agents will be in Murrieta on Monday–they are going to get the next bus through no matter what. Riot gear and shields will be used to push the crowd back.”

Another local resident, John Henry, who has lived in Murrieta since 1991, received the same warning. He said, “We’re being told that federal Marshals or ICE will be here in the next few days and that they are bringing riot gear. They’re apparently going to be blocking off the street with concrete blockades so that no vehicles can get through. The River County Sheriff’s Department showed up last night and brought a huge watch tower that shoots up into the air 35 feet.”

Earlier this year, we got a foretaste of the mobilization of federal force at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, and the optics weren’t good for the Obama administration which lost its case in the court of public opinion. Undaunted, the community organizer has used his phone to call out his amnesty supporters – the problem is it appears they are being “bussed” in from outside Murrieta. Today there will be another round of busses of illegals attempting to enter the city of Murrieta and all eyes will be on the small California community.

Just last week we remembered our Independence Day, and there is a statement in the Declaration of Independence that is particularly appropriate today, “that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Not really sure the Obama administration has the consent of the governed to dump illegals into various communities across the country. Is this further proof of the abject lawlessness of the Obama administration?

After the sneak attack on America at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese navy, Admiral Yamamoto stated, “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant.” We shall soon see if the worst president since World War II has managed to do the same among his own fellow Americans.

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