Guardians of the Republic: Ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things

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In the months following the publication of my book, Guardian of the Republic, I have literally traveled across the entire country speaking to and meeting my fellow Americans.  I realized I’m not alone in my fight to preserve America’s exceptionalism. 

Everywhere I go, I meet ordinary men and women who are intent on preserving our Republic as our Founders intended, with its freedoms provided by the Constitution and protected by generations of our American military.  Through their own efforts and ingenuity, using their own funds in many cases, these Americans are working every day to ensure our Republic endures.  They are as determined, as I am, that we will pass on the legacy of liberty to future generations.

I felt it was important to publically recognize these patriots.  On April 23 we announced our national Guardians of the Republic search.  Readers were asked to nominate any of their family members, friends, or colleagues — ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things as Guardians of The Republic.  We searched for Guardians in four categories: education, business, military, and community — and because of the volume of entries, we added Young Guardians as well.

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We received hundreds of nominations from almost every state in the union.  They represented America’s vast diversity. The oldest nominee was 90 and the youngest was 10.  I can tell you it was no easy task to choose the finalists from among these amazing stories of self sacrifice, service to others, and love of country.

Today more than ever, our Republic, our heritage, and our ideals  need Guardians. We need conservative leaders who understand our history, our philosophical ideals of freedom and our history of religious faith.  We need Guardians who will translate these ideals into action. 

As we celebrate our nation’s independence, I am proud to recognize these Americans who have done just that.  As you celebrate our nation’s birthday I encourage you to read these uplifting examples of service, dedication, and courage — ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things, each a Guardian of the Republic.

Greg Ridgley – Business
Lt. Commander Kenneth Bingham – Education
Peggy Baker – Community
Gary Terashita – Community
Lance Corporal Josh McDaniels – Military
Medal of Honor recipient Hershel “Woody” Williams – Military
Henry Correa – Young Guardian
Benjamin Mitchell – Young Guardian

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Young Guardian of the Republic: Henry Correa - Wise Beyond His Years

Young Guardian of the Republic: Henry Correa - Wise Beyond His Years