Benjamin Franklin would ask us today “what are you doing for God’s sake??”

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On July 4, 1776, the greatest experiment in human liberty took shape.

My passion for our Republic stems from a love of being blessed to live in an exceptional country and bear the simple title of American.

I have seen many other countries and none beat the land of the “All night Denny’s and 7-11.

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These days, some feel America is what’s wrong with the world. I see an America that embodies what can be right with the world. In 238 short years we have achieved something that many have only dreamed of — a land where we “hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.”

When those words were written, no, it was not the prevailing reality. But, it was the hope of the writer, Thomas Jefferson, and that of the 55 other men who affixed their name. If those words had never been written, we would never have believed it possible — and we would never have achieved that goal.

The Founding Fathers gave us a vision of what was possible in a land of opportunity. A place that simply said that it didn’t matter where you were born or from whence you came — here you could “be all that you could be.”

All that was asked was a respect of the rule of law — our eventual Constitution. And what was given, with our consent, was a government chosen to represent our best interests — not self or special interest.

And so here we are today. There is nothing wrong with America and the fundamentals for which she was established. What is wrong with America is the abandonment of those basic principles and a loss of respect and regard for the rule of law at the highest levels.

What is happening with America is a lack of understanding our foundational values and precepts.

What is happening in America is something that would cause those 56 men to shed a tear.

However, I believe they would sit us down — especially ol’ Benjamin Franklin — and with a tinge of sarcastic wisdom he would simply ask, “what are you doing for God’s sakes?” Franklin would remind us of his challenge on that hot September day in 1787 that we have a Republic — if we can keep it.

Here on this Independence Day in 2014, put down those hot dogs and hamburgers for just a moment to remember and honor the men, the 56, who pledged to give their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for your freedom and liberty today.

Happy 238th birthday America, and to all Americans, Happy Independence Day.

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