Racist poll shows Obama is worst president since WWII

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Did you all hear the latest? A new undeniably racist poll from Quinnipiac University shows people think Barack Hussein Obama, the first black president — actually the first half black president — is the worst president since World War II.

Well, you can be certain the NAACP, National Urban League, Congressional Black Caucus, MSNBC, and other liberal progressive media outlets will decry this as proof that America is still a racist nation. We simply don’t want to accept the “hope and change” of their self-proclaimed progressive socialist messiah.

As reported by the Washington Times, “Poll after poll has charted President Obama’s dipping approval rating in recent months, but Wednesday brought perhaps the cruelest cut to date: A new Quinnipiac University survey found that voters rate Mr. Obama as the country’s worst president since World War II. The new poll also revealed that more voters now say GOP nominee Mitt Romney would have been a better choice in 2012.”

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Is this a serious case of “buyers remorse?” It reminds me of the age-old maxim, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” And shame on the American voting electorate for being so doggone gullible that they fell for the politics of cool and the gimmicks of poll-tested bumper sticker slogans.

The Washington Times says “Quinnipiac found 45 percent of voters say the country would have been better off if Romney had been elected, while just 38 percent say Obama remains a better choice. A full 54 percent of voters believe the Obama administration is not competent at doing its primary job of running the government. On overall job approval, Mr. Obama is upside-down by 13 points, with only 40 percent approving and 53 percent disapproving. That’s a 5-point slide since April. The public doesn’t trust his handling of the economy (only 40 percent approval) or foreign policy (only 37 percent).”

I did a little research and had a look at several presidential elections to find a parallel to the 2012 Obama-Romney battle – and found it in the 1948 contest between President Harry Truman and Thomas Dewey.

We still hear Obama whine about the “do-nothing” Congress. But it was the effective demonizing of Romney that enabled Obama to win a second term — even with a most dismal executive record. Of course, I’m not sure Americans can trust the integrity of our voting process any more, since it seems so easy to buy votes nowadays.

But now it cannot be debated — or blamed on George W. Bush anymore — President Obama, regardless of how many petulant speeches given, is incapable of leading and governing. But he won because he made folks feel good.

We traded in what works for what feels good– and more people are realizing that not only does it not work, it doesn’t feel good either.

Another racist poll — Zogby Analytics — released Wednesday also found Obama slipping — in that survey, to 44 percent approval, while his disapproval jumped 4 percentage points from last month to reach 54 percent. Nearly half of voters told the Zogby poll that Mr. Obama is “unable to lead the country.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Obama still has the ability to lead America, whatever the polls say. “There’s no doubt the president has the leadership and stature necessary to call upon the American public to rally around the kinds of ideas that are in the best interests of the country,” he said.

Read that to say, “President Obama has a pen and a phone, and he will run around the country to stand in front of fawning low-information voters and cajole this with his lies and deceit. Obama is only capable to lead this nation further into an economic, energy, and national security abyss — and then he will build his citadel, a presidential library, which will serve as a temple of worship to the man who “fundamentally transformed” America.”

The president said this week that Americans are “extraordinarily cynical about Washington right now” — as if he doesn’t associate himself with Washington. No sir, Americans despise those who side-step responsibility.

The Washington Times says “as much as voters are down on President Obama, the star of former President Ronald Reagan continues to soar. The two-term California Republican was rated as the best of the 12 presidents who have served since Franklin Delano Roosevelt by 35 percent of the voters polled by Quinnipiac” — almost double the number of second-place Bill Clinton at 18 percent.

So America, as the song by goes…”We won’t be fooled again.” Or will we?

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