NYC: “Stop and Frisk” ends, violent crime soars. Related?

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There are those who warned that ending the “stop and frisk” program in New York City would reignite violent crime. Of course, Bill de Blasio, the avowed socialist Mayor of New York City, just blew folks off who made such claims, espousing the typical liberal progressive drivel of social justice.

Well, if this past weekend is any indicator of days of future past, then the ghost of NYC David Dinkins-style will be returning.

As reported by ABC News, “A wave of violence swept New York City over the weekend as at least 20 people were shot, four of them fatally. The shootings, which included the separate woundings of 10- and 12-year-old boys, made for the third weekend in June that at least a dozen people were struck by bullets.”

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ABC reports that “this year, 611 people have been shot in the city, compared with 554 for the same period last year.”

And in an effort to put the proverbial lipstick on the pig, “We’ve had an increase, a temporary increase, in shootings,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said. “Crime goes up, it goes down.”

Maybe so, but what effect will a perceived rise in violence and gun crimes have on tourism in the Big Apple?

Is there a causal relationship between ending the “stop and frisk” program and this rise in shootings? Perhaps, but the issue is that perception lends itself to reality and right now Mayor de Blasio is losing that perception and the battle for public opinion.

This is no different than Obama’s retreat from Iraq — and look at what filled that vacuum? Mayor de Blasio created a vacuum on the streets of New York City and now ordinary citizens are being victimized — the folks who don’t attend the swanky progressive socialist cocktail parties and live in well-secured high rises.

It always confounds me how liberal progressives proclaim they are doing something for social justice but don’t have to live under the burdens of their insidious policies.

I have a recommendation for ol’ Bill — head down to the 77th Precinct and walk a beat this weekend. Stop the highbrow socialist politburo mantra of “do as I say, not as I do” and get down there to see what’s happening. Perhaps if a bullet goes whizzing by his head he’ll come to realize why the NYPD needs to be empowered — to serve and protect the people.

And oh by the way, in an unrelated topic, but related to misplaced priorities and benevolence of liberal progressive socialists — I ain’t buyin’ Sandra Fluke’s birth control!
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