MSNBC’s Chuck Todd should win Josef Goebbels Truth in Media Award [VIDEO]

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It has been said (and oft repeated by yours truly), “in a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Want to visit that universe? Just flip the channel and tune into any liberal progressive media stations. I guess that’s why the revolutionary upstart Fox News has won the title of being “most trusted.”

Over in the universe of deceit, we have Chuck Todd of MSNBC, who spent a segment of his show, “The Daily Rundown,” to mislead his audience into believing the IRS scandal is something it’s not.

As Breitbart puts it, “NBC Senior White House Correspondent Chuck Todd’s Nixonian defense of the IRS earlier this week was so intellectually dishonest and filled with lies of omission, regardless of your political beliefs, no intellectually honest person can watch without marveling at the mendacity.”

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Watch it for yourself below. Todd asks if there are any “real victims” in the IRS scandal – obviously he wants you to say no.

Breitbart points out “Todd does not bother to inform the viewer that conservative political groups were the ones singled out, harassed, and paralyzed (with endless red tape in the form of audits, intrusive questions, stalls, and paperwork) by their own government in the run-up to a presidential year.

Not once does Todd inform his viewers that a number of Democrat lawmakers asked the IRS to single out conservative groups in this fashion — to include House ranking member on the Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland).”

Chuck Todd’s goal is to marginalize – if not ignore — the issue of IRS targeting and focus attention instead on the fact that political groups are allowed to file for tax-exempt status. That may be a valid question, but it is the law. What is not lawful is the government selectively singling out and punishing only certain groups for its own political gain. Imagine if the IRS had only targeted gay organizations?

This is why those “man on the street” segments are so disturbing – because there is a deliberate manipulation of information by the liberal media in order to promote a certain progressive political agenda. I wonder how many liberal media viewers even know what ISIS is or can find Crimea on a map?

I have to laugh when liberal progressives have no clue what the national debt was when Barack Hussein Obama became president and what it is today. I will defend the First Amendment right of freedom of the press — but is this a free press or a politicized government press? With their freedom, the press has the responsibility of not abusing it or promulgating lies and distortions to support their own ideological agenda — which is what’s happening. And it’s been happening for some time.

Even during the Vietnam War, the trusted voice of Walter Cronkite reported a defeat for America in the Tet Offensive, when that was not the case. However, the ideological agenda was to erode public support for Vietnam. The media complied and used their means to that end.

Today we have mainstream media that presents only certain stories and buries others. Consider the left-wing media obsession with New Jersey Governor Christie and “Bridgegate” — yet college students can’t even tell you where Benghazi is — heck, watch this video if you don’t believe me.

So Chuck Todd, you are hereby nominated for the “Josef Goebbels Truth in Media Award.” Competition is tough, but I think you’re head of the class.

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