A tale of two cities — the 2014 version

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Good Saturday morning from Santa Barbara, California. I’m here for the second year in a row to address the Young America’s Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center. What is even more special about this year is that there are about 65 high school students who represent the future of conservative leadership in America — something our Allen West Foundation wholeheartedly advocates.

I flew out of New York to Los Angeles after my appearance on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” — trust me, four sharp intellectual women — that was a tad bit intimidating, My daughter, Aubrey, joined me at LAX and we were driven up to Santa Barbara, arriving late evening.

As I prepared my attire for today — yes, you know us military fellas, always pressing suits and shirts, shining shoes, and getting “squared away” — I had the Fox news evening lineup replaying. It was my friend Greta who described the seminal difference between this current president and a great president and inspired my tale of two cities.

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Greta coined a phrase which so appropriately describes Washington D.C. — “a city with no consequences” — and that is greatly evident now under the direction of the person awarded with the 2013 Lie of the Year.

That person refers to issues as being phony and arrogantly states there is “not a smidgen of corruption” in a government agency. “His” government agency, the Internal Revenue Service, tries to convince us it cannot maintain emails, actually lying about losing them. Yet, they are relentless in destroying the lives of American citizens who are mandated in audits to recall seven years of records — trust me, after running for Congress in 2008, I was audited. Angela and I were forced to spend thousands of dollars over what was found to only be about a $7 issue.

Imagine if we had said our computer hard drive crashed and we lost emails?

As Greta articulated last night, U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi sits wrongfully-held in a Mexican jail since March and we find out that Obama spoke to the Mexican President, but according to the statement the White House released about the call, Tahmooressi wasn’t even mentioned.

The new White House mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, was asked about Tahmooressi and responded, I’m not sure and will have to look into it. The American people were told to secure 100,000 signatures on a petition and the Tahmooressi case would be addressed — crickets. Crickets from Obama, Biden, and Kerry. Crickets from the South Florida Democrat Congressional delegation — only Representatives Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart have addressed the issue.

No consequences. This is what you get from a liberal progressive socialist administration, the city of no consequences.

In stark contrast, Ronald Reagan talked about “the shining city upon a hill.” It was not a worthless bumper sticker slogan of “hope and change.” It was a vision of American greatness, leadership and exceptionalism.

It was a vision that came down from a simple place, Rancho del Cielo, whose grounds I will walk upon again today — sacred, hallowed ground. When the Iran-Contra affair became public, there was no deflection of responsibility and accountability, but acceptance of such. There was a simple humility that came with that shining city, not the arrogance and abject belligerence displayed by Obama and permeated through his administration, as we have been witnessing with the director of the IRS.

The kids who never got picked to play are in charge of America and their lack of principle is clear. Their concept of leadership is something you do from behind, which down south we call “following.”

There is an obvious contrast between the “city of no consequences” and the “shining city on a hill.” To paraphrase Reagan, one is of pretty pastels and the other is of bold colors.

So what shall you choose this day, America? Those who abdicate and flee from being held acceptable and in turn fundamentally transform your country? Or a simple vision of growth, opportunity and promise as envisioned and set in motion by a brilliant and humble communicator?

Today I will speak about and reaffirm my choice.

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