Maybe Donald Sterling should buy the Redskins as penance

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Welcome to the liberal progressives’ world where nothing is beyond their social egalitarian and PC rule. According to the Washington Post, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, calling the football team’s name “disparaging to Native Americans.

The landmark case, which appeared before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, was filed on behalf of five Native Americans. It was the second time such a case was filed.

Thank the liberal media, because now we are totally distracted from everything else that is going on! Can you believe this, the federal government urged by Obama and his cronies, such as Harry Reid, seeking to intimidate and coerce a professional football team to change its long-held name?

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So what’s next? If you even think about touching my hometown Atlanta Braves, we got a fight. Hey, you folks out in Kansas City, are the “Chiefs” next? And the reigning college football national champions are the Florida State Seminoles. When will a vertically-challenged person of Irish extraction come forth and complain about the leprechaun mascot of the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish?” Does that imply all Irish are brawlers? Or short?

Government-enforced political correctness and thought police abound amongst us and these progressive socialists will use the power of the federal government to implement their agenda and perverted sense of “fairness.” Will Obama tell the 506th Infantry Regiment they must change their motto from “Currahee” because it’s degrading to the Cherokee nation?

And you folks out there in Dallas — watch out. First of all cowboys were mean to Indians and oppressive — and that Lone Star State symbolism on the helmet is subliminally subversive. And Chicago, your beloved Blackhawks are on the chopping table — oops, Obama wouldn’t want to pick a fight with his homies, would he?

You want a reason to inspire voters for the mid-term elections? Get rid of Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader and restore some common sense. With all that’s happening in America and the world, the Obama administration is targeting the Washington Redskins? Heck, I grew up with Sonny Jurgenson and Joe Theisman.

CBS Sports says the victory won’t have any immediate impacts on the Redskins organization, or owner Daniel Snyder’s decision to keep the team’s name. The Redskins will appeal the ruling, but should the ruling be upheld, it would mean that the Redskins would lose its federally trademarked protections. As explained by last month, “The effect would be large because federally registered trademarks keep others from selling items with the team’s logos, although even then the team could try to keep unauthorized merchandisers from using the marks through common law and state statues.”

Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter applauded the ruling earlier this year. “The USPTO ruling sends a powerful message to Washington team owner Dan Snyder and the NFL that in the name of basic decency and respect they should immediately stop spending millions of dollars to promote the R-word,” Halbritter said at the time. “This is a huge potential precedent-setter rooted in the painfully self-evident truth that the Change the Mascot campaign has been reiterating: The R-word is a dictionary defined slur designed to demean and dehumanize an entire group of people. The federal government was right to declare that taxpayers cannot and should not subsidize the promotion of that slur through lucrative patent protections.”

Thanks Ray, next thing you know PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) will complain about animal team mascots. Totally absurd!

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Here’s what I wish the president had said about this NFL business

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