Democrat Senator holds up Egypt aid in support of Muslim Brotherhood’s human rights

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You just have to ask, whose side are the Democrats on? President Obama offered congratulations and provided the Muslim Brotherhood with weapons support — thank God Egyptian General al-Sisi didn’t stand for that foolishness.

And now we have U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (D – VT) showing just who he supports in Egypt — hint, it ain’t the good guys.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Leahy has prevented all U.S. military assistance to the Egyptians, including 10 Apache attack helicopters, saying the Egyptian government had violated human rights in ousting the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood regime.

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What freakin’ planet did this loon come from? He believes the human rights of the grandfather of Islamic terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood, were violated? This is part and parcel of what I wrote of previously in the hypocrisy of liberal progressives and their re-definition of honor. Somehow the Muslim Brotherhood made Sen. Leahy feel good, regardless of their ascent to power and their history, such as the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Whose side is Leahy on?

The Free Beacon reports that Cairo has taken other steps to normalize the country following the military ouster of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammad Morsi. Egypt has since declared the Muslim Brotherhood­—an anti-democratic jihadist organization—illegal, as have several other states in the region including Saudi Arabia. The current hold by Leahy was imposed after an April 25 request by the Obama administration to approve $650 million in military aid.

In typical DC double speak, Leahy spokesman David Carle said the delay is separate from a certification process for Egyptian aid contained in State Department authorization legislation. “There’s a longstanding practice by which the chairs and ranking members of the appropriations and authorizing subcommittees of jurisdiction can withhold obligation of funds that are required to be notified to Congress,” Carle said in an email. “The House has a record of holding up far more than the Senate. In this case these funds are a matter of continuing discussion with the administration.”

“Events in Egypt continue to concern people of goodwill, in this country and across the globe, who have shared the Egyptian people’s yearning for greater freedom under the rule of law,” Leahy said, adding that he has watched the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood regime by the Egyptian military “with growing dismay.”

“With growing dismay?” Ok, so we watch Obama return five senior Taliban leaders and now this idiot Leahy has concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood’s human rights and doesn’t support defeating al-Qaida terrorists finding sanctuary in the Sinai peninsula? I wonder what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has to say to Leahy who doesn’t believe it’s important to destroy Islamic terrorists?

We are so doggone upside down — but this is all part of the “fundamental transformation” not just of America, but the world.

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