Is Left behind white supremacist campaign at Ft Carson?

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Remember that old TV ad that asked the question, “Is it live or is it Memorex?” Okay, I may be dating myself, but the point was, how do you know if it’s real?

I am asking that question now as I read in the Army Times that, “White supremacists are recruiting at Fort Carson, Colorado. Law enforcement officials at the post are investigating after propaganda flyers for Northwest Front, a self-described white separatist organization, were found on post and turned over to authorities, according to post spokesperson Dani Johnson.”

“The flyers, posted to Reddit early Tuesday, urge troops to join the group’s drive to create a “white nation” in the Pacific Northwest and “secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” “Ever wonder if you are fighting for the right side?” says one flyer, which accuses the Pentagon of targeting white men and Christians.””

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Why do I question this? Because I know the tactics of the liberal progressive Left and besmirching the military to prove their long-held thesis is very important. We wrote a piece here on the Northwestern University professor who tried to link the military and white supremacy when Frazier Glenn Miller — a retired master sergeant who served in Army Special Forces — was accused of shooting and killing three people in Overland Park, Kansas last April.

One thing that makes me call this latest story into question — and realize the Army Times is not a sanctioned paper of the U.S. Army — is this quote from the story, “A Reddit user who describes himself as a paratrooper, jhb2wr, posted to Reddit saying he and some other paratroopers “found about a dozen sealed plastic bags blowing around Fort Carson with this flyer and a CD inside.”

There is only one unit associated with being “Paratroopers” at Ft Carson, and that is the 10th Special Forces Group, the Green Berets. And knowing Green Berets, they don’t go public and advertise like this.

Of course the Left is seizing upon this already, “It’s like, do the Yankees want a great pitcher,” said Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University. “Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups are happy to have people commit acts of violence in the name of their ideology without being a card-carrying member of their group — lone wolves,” Levin said. What was unusual to Levin was the discovery of the flyers on the post rather than in the surrounding community, which suggests to him the flyers were distributed by a service member with ties to or leanings toward the group.

The Army Times piece also reported, “Just this week Barcroft TV reported that a Ku Klux Klan faction announced its plans to recruit troops exiting the military, drawing on their expertise as the organization engages in military-style training for an expected race war.”

Now, having served in Task Force 2-16 Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division during Operation Desert Shield/Storm, I remember the hoopla surrounding the fact that Timothy McVeigh served in that unit — so I take things seriously. However, the last thing we need is a knee jerk reaction now to try and castigate the Army and the military as supporting, or being infiltrated by neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. Let the Army do its due diligence and not have this become a political issue to discredit our military — a Leftist tactic.

Funny thing — why do we still refer to Ft. Hood as “workplace violence?” Seems to me radical Islamic jihadists have done a fairly good job of infiltrating our military — why doesn’t the Left confront that issue?

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