VA scandal: why criminal charges must be filed

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Clearly the Obama administration wanted to use the Bergdahl release as a way of creating a positive diversion and getting the VA scandal behind them. As usual, they miscalculated, and depended on the liberal media for a bailout – however, that is failing as well. The rabbit hole gets deeper surrounding the Taliban release with Obama and his minions telling more lies to cover the initial lies.

But the VA scandal is also getting worse — a lot worse. Remember the president stated “IF these allegations are true?” Well Mr. President, they sure as heck are, so the ball is in your court. We definitively know veterans lost their lives in Arizona, and now there are reports that supervisors ordered reports to be manipulated. This is no longer an administrative inquiry, it is a criminal investigation.

And the problem isn’t isolated; it is indeed systemic. According to a report in USA Today, some 100,000 veterans across the country are waiting long periods to see doctors, according to an internal Department of Veterans Affairs audit released Monday. The agency also found evidence that in the past 10 years, nearly 64,000 veterans who sought VA care were simply never seen by a doctor.

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President Obama ran on a platform attacking former President George W. Bush on his poor record of caring for veterans and made his normal “hopey changey” promises. But just like with the national debt, Obama took a problem and exacerbated it — and for your liberal progressives, that means he made it worse. Gee, I thought Obama said we don’t leave anyone behind?

USA Today reports that late Monday night, acting VA Inspector General Richard Griffin told a House committee that his investigators identified “some supervisors” in the department who ordered manipulations of appointment data. Griffin says his office is reviewing with the federal prosecutors whether criminal charges will be filed against the VA supervisors.

These “some supervisors” need to be identified to the veterans community and immediately fired — and I don’t mean Lois Lerner-style federal firing, where you get paid leave. Y’all do remember her, right?

The VA audit released Monday revealed that there was at least some level of manipulated scheduling at three of every four agency medical facilities — whether a hospital or a clinic. At 24 sites, staffers said “they felt threatened or coerced to enter” false appointment dates by superiors. Staffers at 14 facilities said they were punished for not manipulating appointment records.

These allegations have proven to be true Mr. President, so what will you do about it? Why haven’t we heard about Attorney General Eric Holder opening up an independent investigation?

My final question is simple — how much will it take for the rest of America to realize the Obama experiment has failed? And as you read this missive, I hope you’ll take away one thing: welcome to Obamacare.
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