Koch Brothers support United Negro College Fund – that’s un-American?

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We’ve all seen Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid take to the Senate floor to spew his vile personal attacks – generally unsubstantiated. However, being the coward the is, he knows the Senate floor provides him protection to basically say whatever his failing mind concocts. His most recent personal attacks and attempts at character assassination have been aimed towards the Koch Brothers, Charles and David. He has pushed the denigrating narrative of referring to them as “un-American.”

Well, if I were in the U.S. Senate I would take to the floor today and repeat this announcement from Stephen Sweet, Program Manager, Higher Education for the Charles Koch Foundation (CKF):

“In continued pursuit of our mission of better understanding the institutions that foster well-being, we are pleased to announce an exciting collaboration between the Charles Koch Foundation, Koch Industries, and the United Negro College Fund to provide a new scholarship program for aspiring African American students interested in how entrepreneurship, economics, and innovation contribute to well-being for individuals, communities, and society.”

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The UNCF/Koch Scholars Program will provide up to 3,000 scholarships over a period of seven years to promising undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students to pursue their education.

I would then ask from the Senate floor if the delusional Majority Leader deems this “un-American?” I would ask Mr. Reid to come to the Senate floor and tell the American people what he has done to promote better educational opportunities by way of funding scholarships for black students? I would challenge the liberal progressive socialist advocates of the welfare nanny-state who have decimated the black community to show me what they have done. And I would remind everyone that it was the “first black president” who cancelled the DC school voucher program for deserving young black children whilst he and Michelle sent their two daughters off to exclusive Sidwell Friends School.

I have had it with the lies, hypocrisy, and deceit of Democrats and the progressive sycophants when it comes to the ground truth of what they have done to the black community — especially the destruction of the black family with their “great society” schemes which ain’t so damn great.

Right now I’m sitting in the beautiful Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan preparing to address the Romeo Area Tea Party this evening. I transited through Detroit upon landing and saw the decimation, the destruction, and the demise. All of that was because of failed inner city liberal progressive socialist policies — and shame upon the mindless lemmings in the black community who continue to support Democrats and perpetuate this failure, all for their 30 pieces of silver.

So, Mr. Charles Koch, I cannot thank you enough, your actions speak volumes. As for the ol’ windbag Harry Reid, your words are as empty as your brain and your heart is as dark as a moonless night. To the Democrat party, you have always been about the destroying the dreams of blacks masquerading under the guise of “caring” by way of welfare dependency. What you could not accomplish by way of Jim Crow, literacy tests, poll taxes, and lynchings, you have done through economic enslavement.

Democrats once stood outside the doors of education and prevented blacks from entering. Now, par for the course, Democrats stand inside the doors of education and prevent our children from escaping their failed schools. And true to the essence of who they are, they attack those who promote better education opportunities for black children — unchaining them from the Democrat economic plantation.

I don’t expect to hear about this on the news — certainly not from the NAACP or UNCF — sad. The good thing is that Charles Koch is not seeking the acknowledgement or approval of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, or any of the others. Charles Koch is an American cut from the same cloth as those who gathered under the oak tree in Jackson, Michigan on 6 July 1854 and created the Republican Party all because they hated slavery and its expansion — a creation of the Democrat Party.

Say what you wish, but history does not lie — unlike Harry Reid and Democrats.
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