Bergdahl’s platoon survived Taliban attacks: will they survive Obama’s? (VIDEO)

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I always felt liberal progressives were lying through their teeth when they expressed their “support” for our men and women in uniform. There words were just pro forma empty rhetoric meant to hide their true sentiments — or should I be specific and say, antipathy — towards our warriors.

And so the progressive socialists have shown their hand when brave and courageous Soldiers stand up to the lies and false narrative being promoted by the Obama administration in the case of the desertion of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

As Katie Pavlich reports in Townhall, ” people close to the White House and Obama administration officials are bringing out the claws to attack former members of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon as they continue to speak out and expose Bergdahl as a deserter and possible traitor. At this point, six former members of Bergdahl’s platoon have come forward to condemn his actions of walking off base five years ago. Not a single man from his team has come forward to defend him or hail him as a hero. That exposure had lead to a smear campaign from the highest levels of government.”

Referring to Bergdahl as a “deserter” is appropriate. As we have stated, he abandoned his assigned duty post leaving behind weapon, body armor, and night vision devices. However, in typical liberal fashion, his actions were hailed by the president with a Rose Garden photo op and by National Security Advisor Rice as serving with “honor and distinction.”

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So when this affront was clear to the men of Bergdahl’s platoon, they spoke out. And the question is, if these men are “psychopaths” and exemplified poor discipline and standards, as the New York Times has described — then why were they forced to sign non-disclosure agreements?

If Secretary of Defense Hagel says he doesn’t know of any Soldiers losing their lives in search and recovery missions for Bergdahl, then why not declassify the 2010 Pentagon report on the matter?

And having been a part of a search and recovery mission in Iraq in 2003 for two Ft. Sill Soldiers CAPTURED from their checkpoint, an assigned duty post, I can attest that a mission brief is very specific in addressing the task and purpose for the operation. So, I trust the assessments from these men far more than any Obama administration chucklehead.

But when these men find themselves challenging the liberal progressive agenda of Barack Hussein Obama, they find themselves on a battlefield almost worse than the one in Afghanistan – because they are being attacked from within. Liberals, and their complicit media, will do anything to protect their beloved leader — and that means attacking and demeaning our warriors.

You see, these Soldiers truly mean nothing to Obama and his devoted kool-aid drinking acolytes. For the commander-in-chief to state that the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance are “irrelevant” means the death of our Soldiers and the word of our Soldiers are also irrelevant — and subservient to his desires and agenda.

How utterly despicable is this charlatan and tyrant Obama. To allow — probably to demand — the liberal media to attack Soldiers to enable his false narrative is disgusting. We ask our guardians to uphold the highest standards of honor, integrity, and character, yet they are being let down by the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Obama should call off his dogs and personally apologize to these heinously disparaged men — but then again the arrogant liar-in-chief has already stated he will offer no apology and that this is HIS government.

And if Obama is hell bent on discrediting these men to support his purpose, then what else will he do? Will Obama display undue command influence upon Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno and coerce and intimidate him to not bring forth charges of desertion against Bergdahl? That charge doesn’t require any investigation — to put it in simple layman terms, Bergdahl was not where he was supposed to be in a combat zone, a remote Forward Operating Base (FOB). What we are seeing is a developing narrative from the liberal media that Bergdahl was “forced” to leave his FOB because of his unit members, and that is truly unconscionable.

However, it just goes to show the level of depravity liberal progressive socialists will undertake, even against our own troops, just to promote their goals and objectives.

The politics of character assassination has reared its ugly head and taken aim at our combat veterans – it’s bad enough veterans lost their lives at the hands of the VA under this administration. If there is anyone out there who supports this demonic action displayed by the State Department spokesperson, a HUD official, the New York Times, and other sycophants of Obama — you are an enemy of our troops.

This past week Obama stood on sacred ground – Normandy — and based on his actions and that of his deranged followers in this case, he didn’t mean a damn word of his speech. And Mr. President, I would be more than happy to meet you face to face and see if you can convince me otherwise.

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