Are you suffering from Obama-induced ADD?

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As I did my 4-mile run this morning, it occurred to me that a great majority of Americans appear to be suffering from collective attention deficit disorder (ADD). You hear about the low to no information voter, but when you look at our society, you begin to understand perhaps there is something purposeful at play.

There can be no other conclusion than we are being intentionally distracted. Look at the rise of all these reality TV shows – I mean, how many “Real Housewives” can there be?

When we are continually conditioned to have a collective mentality, unable to stay focused on anything for long, it slowly becomes the way in which we see the entire world. And with that comes the ability of propagandists to use poll-tested messaging and sound bite gimmicks to drive how we perceive governance.

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We are living within a perfect union between the three caballeros of politics, media, and entertainment that has created a cultural phenomena resembling the panem et circenses of Roman Emperor Comidus. Instead of the gladiators of the arena, today we have “American Idol,” TMZ, and “Dancing with the Stars.”

And when you create an electorate — if not an entire populace — incapable of staying focused on anything for a long period, the people are ripe for scandalous manipulation.

Here we are this week talking about Bergdahl and the Taliban release. Last week we were talking about the VA scandal. Does anyone remember the 200 Nigerian schoolgirls or even what is a Boko Haram?

We are now driven politically by what is trending on twitter. And this is exactly what the Obama administration uses to its advantage. Yesterday on “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld made an astute analysis — we are so inundated with scandals that we don’t know what to do first: DoJ, DoD, IRS, NSA, EPA. Not to mention a failing economy and a serious issue with our national energy security, which has been taken hostage by the radical environmentalists.

Last month we were talking about Benghazi and a select committee — bet folks still haven’t a clue about that. Does anyone remember Lois Lerner? Or how about U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry? Nah, doubt it.

But if someone asks, who won “American Idol?” That will immediately resonate. Or how about who is Donald Sterling? Or how about this one: who punched Jay-Z in an elevator? Yep, panem et circenses ala Emperor Obama-style.

Just in case you missed it, here’s video proof of how clueless folks are – at least among a small sampling of college students.

We are being herded into a collective attention deficit disorder, which turns us from mature thinkers into immediately gratified sound bite drones. How do the liberal spin doctors treat this condition? With misdiagnosis. They basically tell you to pay no attention it’s just Fox-itis, take two MSNBC and a Daily Kos and call us in the morning.

It reminds me of my time as an Artillery Battery Commander we were deployed to the National Training Center for a training deployment. I went to my medic feeling ill =and he said I was having a bad cold. It turns out I had the early symptoms of chicken pox — yep, at age 29. I ended up completing the training mission commanding my unit, but passed out in the redeployment area and was hospitalized in quarantine for 10 days. But I digress…You see, ADD!

And so it happens when we do not acknowledge the symptoms of Obama-induced ADD — the ramifications are severe, not just for us individually but for our nation. The alphabet soup of scandals that has permeated the Obama administration is just too prevalent to dismiss. But the treatment is simple: truth and awareness.

So my fellow Americans, try to focus and not be manipulated. Remember the beautiful sounds of the mythical sirens always led to the demise of the sailors — follow it to you own peril. Truth is difficult to handle but it is refreshing to hear and satisfying to speak. Distractions exist only to keep you from realizing the “real world” as Morpheus spoke of in “The Matrix.” You have a choice: stay in the world of lies that has been spun around you, or take that infamous blue pill and see the true reality.

It is a scandalous reality happening before our very eyes, but I’m quite certain there is more to come. Just watch the next trend on Twitter.

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