The party’s over: Bergdahl’s hometown cancels welcome celebrations

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The teary Kodak the Obama administration hoped for is dissipating before their very eyes. One would have thought there was no greater scandal than the VA to incite the American people – but somehow Barack Hussein Obama found a way.

In what should have been a quiet press statement, Obama instead staged a spectacle last Saturday in the Rose Garden. And everything but roses have turned up over the brouhaha surrounding the release of five senior Taliban leaders and the return of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

Then infamous “designated liar” Susan Rice took the Sunday morning talk show stage – again — weaving her intentional deceit – ineptness?—regardless, digging an even deeper scandalous hole.

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And so what was hoped to be a celebratory homecoming in Bergdahls hometown of Hailey, Idaho for the returning comrade is not to be. According to Fox News, the small town has decided to cancel its much-anticipated celebration.

You see, in pursuit of his own political celebration, Obama has worsened an already bad situation for the Bergdahl family. Please understand, my heart truly goes out more so to the families of those who lost their loved ones in search and recovery operations resulting from the actions of Bergdahl. And I have to ask, where is the celebration for those who risked life and limb and sacrificed to apprehend the five senior Taliban leaders?

Fox Reports the Hailey City Hall has been inundated with angry letters and emails from around the country. “This man deserves no welcome,” reads one of the many emails City Administrator Heather Dawson has fielded at City Hall. “His reward is being alive, unlike the brave soldiers who actually followed their orders and continued to search for him knowing full well he had deserted his post.”

It’s evident the collective angst of the nation isn’t aimed just at Bergdahl but also against the Obama administration. Do you think any of the White House staff thought for one minute, “Y’all, this whole Rose Garden thing is really a dumb idea and will backfire before the sun goes down”. Is the ego of Barack Hussein Obama more important than the reality of what happened back in June 2009 — as well as the national security of the United States? Who benefitted from the charade that was played out last Saturday morning? Certainly not the little town of Hailey, Idaho.

However, not all the emails were angry about the celebration. Fox reports that one person wrote “I think that most of these people that are passing judgment have no idea, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Let’s get him home and then things can be looked into. But lets not forget that he’s spent five years in captivity for whatever reasons this happened.”

Sorry to say, but that statement is completely naïve. Obama did not have to acquiesce to Taliban demands and return five senior leaders. And Bergdahl did not have to leave his weapon and sensitive items (night vision devices) and walk off his Forward Operating Base (FOB). Bergdahl could have simply declared “Conscientious Objector” status and asked to be redeployed to the rear.

What so many fail to realize is that decisions have consequences — and something called personal responsibility still exists – at least I hope so. When then-Private First Class Bergdahl walked off his FOB he should have considered the ramifications. As Obama set free the worst GITMO had to offer, he should have considered the strategic security ramifications.

Folks, there are always other options, we just don’t have to settle — and it seems according to reports that Bergdahl’s location was known to U.S. Special Operations forces, but a decision was made not to risk an operation over someone deemed a “deserter.”

SGT Bergdahl is back in the caring hands of Americans, those it seemed according to his own writing he despised. His actions will be investigated and final adjudication will result. But no one is upset because they hate the president. They are upset because the “Great Uniter” has found a way yet again to divide.

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