Creeping tyranny: DOJ pressures banks to choke off “undesirable” businesses

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Incrementalism is the process whereby policies and processes are slowly and quietly introduced into a society or a nation until the citizens wake to a new reality and find their lives have been “fundamentally transformed.” It is a creeping tyranny, and it is happening right now, right under our noses.

Here’s the latest insidious example. As described by Glenn Reynolds in USA Today, the Department of Justice is quietly trying to shut down perfectly legal businesses it deems “undesirable” through a program called “Operation Choke Point.”

Of course my immediate response is, who is the Czar of Undesirability?

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Timothy Geigner of Tech Dirt explains how it works: The DOJ informs financial institutions that certain industries are more likely than others to be involved in unauthorized charges of consumer credit and bank cards. They likewise inform the banks that the DOJ is going to keep a special super-awesome close-eye on these industries, with the implication being that there will be a great deal of prosecutorial action, subpoenas, and scrutiny on those industries, not to mention penalties on the institutions that work with them. The intention of the government, it would seem, is to make the banks unwilling to deal with the government harassment and simply cut anyone in those industries off from the financial institutions.

And so it seems under some guise of consumer protection emanating from the “Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” — another of those oxymoronic pieces of legislation commonly referred to as Dodd-Frank — the federal government has undertaken the mission of ruining private sector businesses, and taking out those it deems “undesirable.”

Reynolds mentions it’s currently happening with porn stars, whose banks suddenly terminated their accounts, but other industries as diverse as ammunition sales, coin dealers, payday loans and “racist materials” have all been targeted. They are perfectly legal businesses that haven’t been charged with breaking any laws. The Justice Department simply doesn’t like them.

Writing for Human Events, John Hayward points out “it is extremely dangerous, and strongly antithetical to the American understanding of citizenship and government, to have the ruling elite presiding over a nebulous “legal but undesirable” classification rewritten at their whim… and enforced with government power.

The pursuit of “justice” by the Justice Department, or any other government agency, should involve criminals who act in defiance of clearly written law… which is another way of saying that government power must be constrained by our elected representatives and their congressional votes. Instead, the American people are growing more accustomed to the titanic centralized State deploying its power against law-abiding businesses.

We’re being made comfortable with the idea that Big Government is a supreme organism with its own desires and agenda, which it often places ahead of its duties to the people and the law.”

Totalitarian tyranny doesn’t just happen overnight and blatantly. It creeps into the fabric of our lives unnoticed until it reaches a point of no return. Such is this “Operation Choke Point” coming out of what has to be the most politicized Justice Department in the history of our Republic.

And I’m quite sure our liberal progressive socialist comrades will denounce such a program — since they’re oh, so tolerant.

Fascism is showing its ugly face and what happens when the Czar of Undesirability decides that Christianity is undesirable — because a radical gay group castigates it as hateful? Heck, we already see small business owners being driven to ruin — in New Mexico with the photography studio and in Oregon with the bakery, someone complained and the government determined them to be “undesirable” businesses — and so it has actually begun.

I believe late term abortions are “undesirable” as well. I wonder if Planned Parenthood will make the “list?” Seems there are a lot of lists out there these days, and my friends, I’m quite certain you and I are on a bunch of them.

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