White House “outs” CIA chief in Kabul. Inadvertent?

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There is incompetent, and then there’s just plain ol’ stupid — and it seems the Obama White House possesses an abundance of both.

According to the Washington Times, the White House inadvertently blew the cover of the CIA’s top officer in Kabul during President Obama’s surprise trip to Afghanistan on Sunday — surprising in more ways than one. The name of the spy agency’s station chief in Kabul was included on a list provided to news organizations of senior U.S. officials participating in Mr. Obama’s visit with U.S. troops. The White House provided the list, which included the name and title of CIA chief, that was sent out in a “pool report” to thousands of journalists, including foreign media, who receive the reports.

In the artillery, we had a very simple concept: one man does, another man checks. Seems this simple premise — which ensured proper artillery fire was delivered on target — should have been adopted by the Obama White House.

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The CIA officer was among U.S. officials who participated in a military briefing for Mr. Obama at Bagram Air Field, the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

I know, this is no big deal, because we’re going to be departing Afghanistan anyway, so who cares about the identity of the CIA station chief being compromised by the White House? Yes, I’m just too critical of our president. It wan’t his fault — as if Obama is responsible for anything. Hm, I seem to remember a little thing about a Valerie Plame during the Bush administration? Darn, I forgot, that IS different. It was a Republican administration.

The White House reportedly recognized the mistake and issued a second, revised list that omitted the official’s name and title — duh, I don’t think that solves the problem of the original list that was released. The Washington Times is withholding the name of the CIA chief. At this time it’s not clear whether the exposure will require the person to leave his post.

Well let me answer that question. Yes, he will have to leave his post and his family is also in danger. Seems this is a regular practice for the Obama administration — who also “outed” the covert anti-terrorist unit, SEAL Team VI, resulting in the tragedy known as Extortion 17 in the Tangi river valley of Afghanistan, and the subject of Betrayed, written by Billy Vaughn, the father of one of the SEALS killed that fateful day.

So is this just an isolated incident, or is this what the Obama administration means by transparency?

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