Remember when gasoline was $1.89 a gallon? Let’s review.

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Lots of folks consider this weekend the beginning of summer and as our kids and grandkids get out of school, it’s road trip time. However, as I pay attention to the gasoline prices, it may be more difficult for some Americans to enjoy the American tradition of summer vacation.

Most of you have probably forgotten, but in January 2009 the average price of gasoline in America was $1.89. Now ask yourself, what is it today? (around $3.67, but four bucks if you live in California) What is amazing to me is how the liberal progressive media went apoplectic on former President George W. Bush when gasoline prices hit $2.50 — miss that yet? And so ask yourself, where is the liberal media angst now? The silence is deafening and the hypocrisy is not just laughable, it’s horrific.

Of course if you stand against the progressive socialist “global warming/climate change” agenda, then the typical Alinsky personal character assault tactic reveals itself — you are now a member of the “flat earth society.”

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Dude, I just want gasoline prices back down to where they were before the tyrant took office. And nope, I’m not willing to be forced into buying some dinky little wimp car just to make liberals feel “Happy.”

You hear we’re at record production levels of oil and natural gas, but that phenomenon has occurred on private and state lands — and trust me, the federal government is doing everything they can to shut it down.

As we’ve reported here, the federal government is attempting to use the endangered species act to close off lands. We should be producing, consuming, and exporting our energy resources and undercutting adversaries such as Russia and Vladimir Putin — who just signed off on a multi billion dollar energy deal with China.

So it seems we’re borrowing money from China, who holds approximately 24% of our debt, and becoming financially dependent to a country that is actively hacking into our private sector, stealing our corporations’ intellectual property and building their maritime force as they traverse the globe in search for energy resources and raw materials.

This weekend, how many of you will be firing up the grill — I hope after you have visited a veterans’ national cemetery? As you peruse the grocery store, pay attention to how food commodity prices have increased. Yep, the grilled steak portions in the West household have gotten just a little smaller. It’s not just beef, but price for eggs, milk, and other commodities are up too — this comes as many Americans see their wages lowered and depressed.

Now, here is where the liberal progressive mind will say, this is why we need to raise the minimum wage to $15. My response is, when did a minimum wage job become a career? It was supposed to be a gateway and enabler to build upon for a true full-time career. And if the progressive socialists prevail, we’ll see more Americans on part time — Obamacare advanced this idea — more cost shifted to consumers, who already are struggling, and perhaps – no, probably — more Americans unemployed as small business owners and fast food franchisees struggle to make ends meet.

All of this is occurring because President Obama hasn’t a clue about fiscal and monetary policy. He doesn’t understand tax policy, which promotes the concept of “yes, you did build that and we want you to build more.”

What he does understand and advance is a decimation of the entrepreneurial spirit in America over the exploitation and expansion of a welfare nanny-state as a means of political bribery (extortion) — vote for me and get more largess from the public treasury. Obama and his cronies fail to understand that the Federal Reserve printing more money does not promote a free market economy, it actually advances a false economy and crony capitalism. The belief that we can print money, buy up our own debt, in order to stimulate economic growth is a failed premise — and our unemployment rate is hardly 6.3 percent, but it sounds good.

But the unintended consequence is the sense of mini-inflation we are witnessing, resulting in higher gas and food commodity prices at a time when we’re facing an anemic economic recovery. Be advised, the American economy needs close to 400,000 jobs created per month in order to maintain an economy that has a $17.5 trillion debt — we ain’t even close!

I know this isn’t a “sexy” topic and most folks would prefer talking about TMZ videos, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars – but that’s because we have a pop culture President, not a leader. Personally, I wouldn’t be going to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame to discuss tourism if I had veterans dying and a U.S. Marine being held in a Mexican jail.

But my fellow Americans, this is what we need to be discussing. And I hope when you go to the gas station or the grocery store this weekend, you’ll remember these words.

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