Honoring the Ft. Hood victims

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Greetings from Killeen/Ft. Hood Texas where Rep. John Carter, Rep. Bill Flores and I just finished a press conference highlighting the issues surrounding the support and benefits to the victims of the November 5, 2009 terrorist attack at Ft. Hood.

Rep. Carter has spearheaded the effort behind HR 3111 (Honoring the Heroes of Ft. Hood Act), which will properly recognize those Ft. Hood victims. It is unconscionable that after the conviction of the jihadist traitor Nidal Hasan, the attack here is still referred to officially as “workplace violence.” HR 3111 is part of the House Armed Services Committee National Defense Authorization Act. It’s now sitting over in the Senate awaiting their action — and let’s make sure Harry Reid doesn’t strip out the language which will finally recognize Ft. Hood as a terror attack and grant Purple Hearts and subsequent benefits.

We need your voices stentorian to let the Senate know this MUST be included in their and the final version of the 2014 NDAA. We also must push for these benefits for Ft. Hood victims and families to be retroactive.

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When you see the sickening VA scandal happening at this moment and realize we still haven’t properly cared for the victims and survivors of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack, it is beyond appalling. A military installation is a place where our warriors should find peace, solace, and respite to enjoy their families.

It was here at Ft. Hood that we lived on Coleman Rd and my youngest daughter Austen learned to ride a bike without training wheels in the parking lot behind the 4th Infantry Division headquarters — she then rode her bike back home with big sister Aubrey.

It is that sense of safety and security that was breached by Nidal Hasan, and political correctness has no place in this matter.

As well, it has been five years since the attack and the City of Killeen has undertaken efforts to build a memorial to the fallen. As a matter of fact, the press conference this morning was held at the site. The total cost of the memorial is $402,530 and they have raised 50 percent of the requisite funds. Killeen Volunteers, Inc. Taxpayer ID# 1-74-6001504-7 is the non-profit organization receiving donations and is a 501 c(3) non-profit corporation — hope the IRS won’t target them. You can donate on the website or mail donations to November 5, 2009, Ft. Hood Memorial, Killeen Volunteers, Inc. PO Box 1329, Killeen,TX 76540

I have done so, and challenge all of you to give just $5. Since we have over 1 million who follow us on Facebook, we could make this happen today, so that on the fifth anniversary the memorial could be well underway, if not complete. I met the artist who is designing the sculpture and I truly believe it will be one of the most memorable sites in the country.

Our better angels are calling us to right a horrific wrong done to these men and women, my fellow Soldiers and civilians — but also for their families.

We must remember what happened here in November 5, 2009, just as we remember Pearl Harbor and 9-11. The Islamic terrorist battlefield of this 21st Century has no boundaries — that must be recognized and our fallen must be honored — and yes, given the proper military recognition and benefits.

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