More Obamacare waste: Data entry workers paid to do nothing

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Kathleen Sebelius may have stepped down as the Secretary of Health and Human Services but the hits just keep on coming with Obamacare. Fox News reports that employees at a center processing applications for health insurance under Obamacare were paid to do nothing.

Missouri television station KMOV-TV reported Monday that data entry workers at a Serco Inc. office in Wentzville spent days staring at their computer. The company was awarded up to $1.25 billion to process applications for health insurance through the health care law.” I suppose we shouldn’t complain too much because after all their positions did count as “jobs created.”

Republican Sens. Roy Blunt of Missouri and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee sent a letter Wednesday to Marilyn Tavenner, administrator for the federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in response to the report.

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I wonder if any House or Senate Democrats will join in on this investigation, other than Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri? Is that show or substance – because I doubt Harry Reid will take any action.

KMOV-TV first reported the story, citing a whistleblower who said employees were told to “sit at their computers and hit the refresh button every 10 minutes” as they waited for applications to process.

Well, President Obama stated that the Affordable Care Act (he doesn’t like calling it Obamacare anymore) is working and the debate is over. But as Coach Lee Corso says on ESPN College Gameday, “Not so fast my friend.” If it is working so well and we’ve had so many applications, then why were these folks just sitting at their computer terminals?

What’s going on with the exchanges in Oregon, Maryland, and Massachusetts? How many taxpayer dollars were wasted there and will still be spent due to technical incompetence, or really just plain incompetence?

Just in case you’ve forgotten, the original price tag of this uber-government debacle was supposed to be $940 billion, but the last report from CBO put the cost at over $1.7 trillion. Let’s be honest, Obamacare is nothing more than a wealth-redistribution scheme with its 20 new taxes — which in a struggling economy are the last thing we need.

Now, the detractors will demand “so what is your solution?” I wrote about that last year, based on H.R. 3121 the American Health Care Reform Act of 2013 – but I doubt liberal progressives read that since reading comprehension seems to be an issue for them.

Based in Great Britain, Serco employs 100,000 people worldwide, including 9,000 in the U.S. “From October 1 through the end of April, our workforce has processed more than 1 million documents and made 1.4 million outbound phone calls to applicants. As in any business or major program there are peaks and valleys as the various tasks stop and start,” the company said.

I understand “peaks and valleys” but I also understand accountability of American taxpayer dollars. And why was the contract awarded to a British-based company? You mean to tell me CMS couldn’t find an American one? I thought we should be promoting American private sector growth — as President Obama is always whining about “outsourcing.” Just sayin’…
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