How I’d restore Ronald Reagan’s vision for America

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Greetings from my hometown of Atlanta Georgia. I arrived yesterday and immediately drove up into the foothills of the North Georgia mountains to Rome (Floyd County) to speak at their first-ever Reagan dinner.

I was picked up at the airport by a super young man named Vitaly Cheban, who is a chauffeur for Greene Classic Limousines — I recommend their service.

Vitaly came here to America, to Atlanta, 17 years ago from Ukraine. He and his family came – legally – in search of the American dream. He shared with me how his father worked some five jobs and in less than two years had paid off their home. Now Vitaly himself is married with a young daughter and has bought his own home as well.

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This is America, the America that Ronald Reagan described. Regardless of where you are born or where you come from – ideally, legally — with your own drive, determination, and dedicated work ethic, here you can find success.

As usual, Vitaly figured he would just drop me off, but that’s not how I roll. I asked if Vitaly could be given a seat at the dinner and one of the kind attendees put him right up front.

How perfect it was, for last night we were remembering the president whose vision and leadership enabled Vitaly to be here in Georgia. You see, when Reagan stood at the Brandenburg Gate and simply stated, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” he began the series of events that led to freedom for Vitaly’s family.

When Ronald Reagan spoke of “morning in America” he gave us a vision and hope of a better and greater sunrise for this Republic. And I believe we are seeing the first light of the “dawn of a new America,” an America that will not only restore the vision that Reagan possessed but also that true sense of what America was intended to be.

We will return to an America where individual economic liberty, empowerment, will be the focus — not the collective subjugation of economic dependence.

After the Floyd County Republican Party Reagan dinner, as we drove from Rome back down to Atlanta, Vitaly told me he was so refreshed to know there is still hope in America. Being there and speaking to others — and yep, I told his family’s story as part of the evening — renewed his faith that the American dream will still be there for his 8-year-old daughter.

The power of the conservative message, not watered down, not some moderated drivel, is a principled, focus message that connects to all Americans — which was the essence of Reagan’s communicative ability.

It is a message that speaks to the heart, emphasizing the sovereignty of the individual and the establishment of economic policies that promote their success.

It is a message that speaks to the strength of the American family, not its breakdown.

It is a message that speaks to the realization that an onerous, invasive, and intrusive government is not the path towards economic growth but rather a welfare nanny-state, and I see how that has worked in the neighborhood in which I grew up.

It is a message that advances a true free market system whereby entrepreneurs, small business owners, can dream, invest, innovate, and use their ingenuity to create jobs and opportunity — not the government crony capitalism we are witnessing, based on incessant printing of money, excessive regulations, and stifling tax policies.

It is a message that unleashes the indomitable American spirit, that says you DID build that

It is a message of “peace through strength” and not “leading from behind.”

It is a message of American exceptionalism, not American relativism.

It is a message that lets dictators, despots, tyrants, autocrats, and theocrats know that America is the beacon of liberty and freedom, and we will stand against evil anywhere with resolve.

Instead of trying to divide – one percent vs 99 percent, a war on women, social justice, income inequality, ad nauseum, Ronald Reagan’s vision was one that unified America.

So today, we will continue to take the message across America as I fly from Atlanta to Arkansas, the Razorback State, where I will speak this evening in Ft. Smith.

Vitaly Cheban’s family came to America, as many have, in pursuit of a dream. Let us ensure that dream, for those who respect our sovereign laws, never ends — and that it will once again be “morning in America.”

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