HHS tracks physical abuse of unborn in report — but abortion doesn’t count

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This just demonstrates the ludicrous logic of a Leftist.

Published by the HHS (that bastion of honesty and efficiency) the Child Maltreatment 2012 report is a comprehensive analysis of the types and instances of child abuse across the nation.

Curiously, in the section on Selected Maltreatment Types of Victims by Age, there is data for maltreatment of the unborn, including neglect and physical abuse.

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How then, can intentionally destroying the life of the unborn not be included under the category of physical abuse?


Child abuse is a terrible thing. Maltreatment of children at any age is horrific. So why is intentionally killing a fetus not?

Well, that’s DIFFERENT, pro-choice folks will say.

Really? How? Because the mother had no “malice” against her aborted fetus? Because her intentions were honorable when that life was destroyed? Because she just needed to erase a little mistake?

It’s a discussion pro-choice activists simply will not have. As reported by Ohio Right to Life via Hot Air, if the total number of abortions was included in the HHS report, it would add more than a million lives to the physical abuse category, according to data from the Guttmacher Institute.

Liberals will gladly criminalize those who intentionally abuse infants – including the unborn apparently – after all, they’re included in the report.

But those same liberals will blithely defend the right to intentionally take the lives of those same unborn. Abuse = bad. Death = a woman’s right.

Can someone please explain the logic in this to me?

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