Subway caves under Muslim pressure to drop pork in UK

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One of my favorite treats is a Subway double meat/double cheese turkey and ham sandwich with lettuce and honey mustard. Now the tolerant “religion of peace” is going after my sandwich – in England at least. Remember, earlier this week, when Paul Weston, a political candidate in the UK, was arrested for quoting Sir Winston Churchill’s thoughts on Islam?

Subway is taking pork products off the menu in 185 stores in England as a result of Muslims’ complaints about non-halal menus, according to report by Kyle Becker writing for the Independent Journal Review and reported in the UK Daily Mail. Subway corporate already requires the stores to post signs saying “all meats are halal compliant.”

I’m all for customer service but why not open up your own halal sandwich shop instead of forcing this issue? As Becker points out, “There’s this principle of choice and tolerance for other cultures that gets in the way. Jewish people don’t eat pork and you don’t see them going all kosher on Subway shops around the U.S. Coming to a Subway near you, a matzo ball foot-long with Gefilte fish spread? Not seeing that one working out.”

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God knows we’d best be careful or else the newly-formed US Council of Muslim Organizations (i.e. the American Muslim Brotherhood) will demand Jared grows a beard and wear a kufiya.

However, we might be able to find bi-partisan support for pushback with PETA (of all people) because of this factoid about halal meats: Many animal charities condemn halal slaughter as being cruel to animals. Traditionally, in halal abattoirs, the throats of the animals are cut while they are fully conscious – an act many campaigners say is inhumane and needlessly cruel. In Iraq and Afghanistan, I saw it, and it ain’t pretty.

So there’s a part of me that finds this story funny, but it’s actually quite serious, and Becker’s final assessment is spot on: “Tolerance should imply a widening of understanding for people of other belief-systems and a respect for others’ freely made choices. Bending over backwards for cultures that seek to make the nation less free is not a “liberal” idea – quite the contrary.”

What concerns me greatly is our willingness to simply roll over and play some misconceived game of cultural relativity. And to those who wish to attack that assertion, let me just say I’m here to protect your sandwich choice as well.

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