Romney and Bush again? GOP needs to learn some war tactics.

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Early on in my military career, I studied the principles of war: mass, offense, simplicity, unity of command, unity of effort, economy of force, and the key ingredient, surprise. I sure wish the Republican party would apply some of these fundamental principles to campaigning – particularly the last one. Here we go again.

As reported, while speaking at a fundraising event for the Archdiocese of New York’s Catholic schools last week, Jeb Bush was asked what his “immediate plans” were. According to an attendee, he said, “I’m thinking about running for president.” The answer was met with applause and a standing ovation, after which Bush said: “Can someone call my mother so she can hear this?” the source told

Gee what a surprise, another predictable Republican Party action, and of course the rationale is that former Governor Jeb Bush is the most electable candidate – just like Bob Dole was the most electable candidate. John McCain was the most electable candidate. Mitt Romney was the most electable candidate. And according to CBS commentator Bob Shieffer, former Governor Romney has intonated that if Jeb Bush does not run he may consider running again – for the third time. It seems the behind-the-scenes cabal also known as the GOP establishment is once again planning to anoint a presidential nominee using the criterion of “whose turn is it?”

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Back on the subject of warfare, there are five forms of maneuver for offensive operations: turning movement, infiltration, penetration, envelopment, and the infamous “frontal assault.” The Republican Party seems to prefer the last choice, frontal assault, which means your adversary sees your predictable actions miles away and is well entrenched, prepared, and ready to engage and seek the initiative.

Consider the last three Democrat presidents — Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama — they were all certainly not the “expected” candidates. They were the surprise candidates who became the nominees, based not so much on talent, but rather some aspect of their personality — mainly rhetorical skill.

Let’s be honest, Jeb Bush will first have to overcome his last name, and Americans do not like dynasties – other than that tv show from the 80s. As well, Gov. Bush will have to overcome divisive issues he supports such as cCommon Core and his apparent advocacy for illegal immigrant amnesty in order to pander to the Hispanic vote. And truth be told, if the 2016 election comes down to a Bush vs Clinton race, I predict the lowest voter turnout for a presidential election in quite some time — Americans will just see this as a contest of entitled political elites, predestined and manipulated by the party establishment.

Back in September 1787 at the close of the Constitutional Convention, a Philadelphia socialite named Mrs. Powell asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well doctor, do we have a Republic or a monarchy?” Franklin replied, “We have a Republic if you can keep it.”

Seems we might be heading towards political royal lineage in America, and that’s not what this Constitutional Republic was intended to be. I hate to rain on the establishment parade, but give us back our Republic, and allow everyday Americans to decide our leaders, not you and your media and entertainment elites.

America is not about nobles, commoners and serfs. And I believe there will be a “surprise” candidate in 2016 who will infiltrate the status quo and envelop them before they realize it.
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