Democrats compare black Republicans to Jewish Nazi collaborators

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According to the Washington Free Beacon, Illinois Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn is in some hot water with the Jewish community after his campaign tweeted—and then quietly deleted—several messages urging backers to read an article comparing black Republican voters to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis.

The original article, written in the Chicago Sun-Times by Neil Steinberg, compared black supporters of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis against their brethren. “As a general rule, individuals will sell out the interests of their groups in return for personal benefit,” Steinberg wrote in his column, which claimed that Rauner is buying off the black community and its leaders. “It isn’t just a black thing. Jews collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, helping them to round up their own people in the hopes they’d be the last to go.”

Quinn’s camp praised the piece and tweeted it out to supporters several times. The tweets were deleted after local Jewish community officials quietly communicated their outrage to the governor.

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And exactly what “personal benefit” do I receive as a black conservative Republican? Oh yeah, the freedom to escape the white liberal progressive economic plantation, work hard, and do well for my family.

So now, along with being called an Uncle Tom, Sellout, Oreo, House Negro, and White Man’s Porch Monkey, I am also just like Jews who were Nazi collaborators.

Hmm, funny thing — that would put black conservative Republicans like me in the same category as George Soros – a Hungarian Jew who posed as a Christian and helped confiscate property from Jews being shipping out to concentration camps. And now he funds the liberal progressive socialist movement we call the Democrat party.

I don’t expect DNC Chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who happens to be Jewish, to express any outrage – do you? And will Eric Holder go running to Al Sharpton and the National Action Network to whine about how blacks are treated?

During my Congressional tenure a reporter came up to me in the Speakers Lobby and asked me for comments about an opinion poll that showed a majority of Americans believed the Republicans controlled Capitol Hill. I looked with amazement and responded that, “The Democrats have a propaganda machine that would make Goebbels proud.” Another reporter — liberal progressive of course — was standing by and asked me if I was comparing Democrats to Nazis. Of course not, I told him. I was simply addressing the use of propaganda as a means to deceive the public. But I also told him I know what you want is something sensational and you’ll no doubt inaccurately report my statement — which is of course exactly what happened.

Folks demanded an apology and even Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Maryland) brought a resolution to the House floor to condemn me for saying something I did not say.

Of course, never mind that liberals referred to President George W. Bush as Hitler. And more recently black Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn compared rightwing bloggers to Nazi propagandists.

What this latest episode shows is a sense of desperation by Gov. Quinn. What it also shows, once again, is the utter disrespect white liberal progressives have for any black people who want to decide what is best for themselves and the black community.

Liberal progressive socialist policies have failed and destroyed the black community and the inner cities. White liberal progressives demand blind allegiance from the black community and they demean, disparage, discredit, and will attempt to personally destroy anyone who refuses to pay them homage.

So don’t expect a single liberal progressive media outlet to cover this story. They’re the real racists and enablers of the utter destruction of what was once a successful proud community — all for votes.

Hey, Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus — cat got your tongue?

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