New poll contradicts Obama’s sunny forecast for Obamacare

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Late last week, President Obama took to the podium in the White House for an unannounced press conference to tout eight million sign-ups for Obamacare.

The President said (defensively), “I don’t think we should apologize for it. I don’t think we should be defensive about it. I think there is a strong, good, right story to tell. They said nobody would sign up; they were wrong about that. They said it would be unaffordable for the country; they were wrong about that.”

And as usual, he ranted against Republicans: “I find it strange that (their) position on this law is still stuck in the same place that it has always been. They still can’t bring themselves to admit that the Affordable Care Act is working.”

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Really?  I guess he’s never taken the time to read the American Health Care Reform Act, written by doctors, unlike Obamacare, written by legislative aides and cronies in Nancy “We-have-to pass-the-bill-in-order-to-find-out-what’s-in-it” Pelosi’s office. Then again, I doubt President Obama has even read his own signature legislation, all 2,600 pages and the nearly 10,000 pages for regulations — however, with all the waivers, exemptions, and delays, is it still a law?

And another thing, who are the eight million who’ve signed up and what does “sign up” mean as opposed to “have paid” and are covered under a policy? I know. I’m nitpicking.

Soooo, unfortunately the results from a recent Rasmussen poll of likely voters may take the wind out of Obama’s sails regarding how well the thing is working. According to the poll:
  • – Unfavorable opinions of the new national health care law are at their highest level in several months, while the number who think the quality of care in this country will get worse is at its highest level in over three years.
  • – 58% have at least a somewhat unfavorable opinion of the health care law, with 43 percent viewing it very unfavorably.
  • – 59% now believe the quality of health care will get worse under the new law.
  • – 59% think Obamacare will force up the cost of health care
  • – 76% feel it is at least somewhat likely that the health care law will cost more than officially projected
  • – And what has to be worrying for Democrats in the midterm elections, 69% of voters not affiliated with either major party have an unfavorable opinion of it.

Seems Obama may be a tad out of touch with everyday Americans if one accepts the results of this survey. Unfortunately, Americans know what they are experiencing by way of the failed Obama economic policies — of which Obamacare is one, with 20 new taxes. Truth is certainly an obstacle for liberal progressives, but the reality is that in this new information age, it can’t be hidden.

Maybe that’s why the Obama administration wants to “globalize” control of the internet and allow those who care far less about freedom of speech, expression, and the free flow of information to be the new monitors, the “thought police.”

Bu you know what they say: “In a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

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