If Ukraine had the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama would be falling all over himself with support

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Lately, folks have been asking me what I would do about the situation in Ukraine. First, of all I wouldn’t find myself in the current situation because I would have studied a fellow like Vladimir Putin and taken him for his word.

It was Putin who stated his greatest disappointment of the 20th century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, I would have certainly war-gamed out his potential courses of action in order to develop a proactive policy – and I certainly would not have expressed my “flexibility” to him.

The first thing is to take an offensive diplomatic approach using a strong military as a deterrent — something we have not done. I would not have cancelled the missile defense shield program back in 2009. As the situation exists today, I would have immediately, after Putin’s Ukraine aggression, reinstated the missile defense shield.

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We should have been far more aggressive in bringing Ukraine into the NATO umbrella and reshaped our geographic combatant European Command (EUCOM) from a Cold War forward-deployed posture to a more power projection force. That means we should have looked at short 6-month deployments of forces into Eastern European nations for military to military exercises, something we should be doing now. Instead, the Ukrainian leadership came to Washington DC and asked President Obama for weapons support – and all they got were MREs (Meals Rejected by Everyone).

Sorry people of Ukraine, if you were radical Islamists or Muslim Brotherhood members, Obama would have been more than happy to supply you with arms — heck, in the case of Libya, he would have violated the War Powers Act and launched Tomahawk cruise missiles to support you — oops, forgot, Obama is canceling the Navy’s Tomahawk cruise missile program. Or as with Mohammed Morsi in Egypt, you would have received F-16s and M1 Abrams tanks.

However, most importantly we should realize Putin’s center of gravity (COG) is natural gas, in other words, energy resources. We should have had a plan to stimulate full development of our oil and natural gas production — and not just on state and private lands — but open it up on federal lands. We shouldn’t be grinding our coal industry into the dirt but promoting it to export to Europe and Ukraine. This would undermine Putin’s major economic COG rather than sanctions against 11 fellas and a bank – that’s really deterred Putin from further aggression, right?

But as a student of history I see a very disturbing parallel: first of all the global apathy, secondly, reminders of the 1930s.

It was an aggressive Adolf Hitler and a weak ineffective Sir Neville Chamberlain in those times – wait, does Common Core teach that stuff? Hitler wanted to protect “ethnic Germans” in a region called the Sudetenland. Putin wants to protect “ethnic Russians” in a region called the Crimea. Chamberlain acquiesced and thought a signed agreement from Hitler would suffice to yield “peace in our times.” Obama acquiesced, stating that there would be no military option but he continues to live under the delusion that stating “there will be consequences” carries any weight — more red lines. Putin knows Obama has no credibility.

Putin is using armed militia forces in camouflage uniforms. Hitler used guys dressed up in brown shirts for his Sturmabteilung, the SA. Hitler eventually ran through Czechoslovakia, and eastern Ukraine is feeling the pressure as Russian armored vehicles have crossed the border.

For Hitler, after Czechoslovakia, then came Poland — shall history indeed repeat itself?

Obama continues to tell himself, — because America isn’t listening — that his strategy is working. I guess the folks in England believed Chamberlain just as well until the bombs starting dropping on them. And of course the fawning liberal progressive media and the Democrats will do and say anything to protect their beloved Dear Leader.

I wholeheartedly expect the Democrats to come out soon with a messaging line that blames the poor Ukrainians for what is happening. After all, they had 25 years to get their act together, so why do they expect the beleaguered United States of America to come to their rescue? Or maybe it’s all caused by global warming…

The real angst of the Democrats stems from why the Ukrainians are allowing Obama to be embarrassed by Putin. And that’s why you can expect the Democrats to lash out and blame the Ukrainians — heck, they have to blame someone. And George W. Bush has already been blamed for allowing Putin to takeover Georgia (not my home state, for you low information Obama voters), the former Soviet state in eastern Europe.

Let us all remember that it was a Machiavellian-type leader who began World War II and was joined by a Fascist and an Asian imperial power — Germany, Italy, and Japan. America was suffering from an economic crisis and had no desire to get involved.

Today isn’t much different as we are suffering from the worst economic recovery and Russia, Iran, and China are aligning themselves. And yes, we are not just apathetic but uninformed and disengaged, as we have become so self-absorbed with our toys and gimmicks.

It seems 9-11 didn’t awake the sleeping giant, we just kinda shifted and rolled over back to sleep — case in point, the disintegration of the Demographics Unit in the NYCPD. As we decimate our military capacity and capability as a deterrent force so progressive socialists – led by Obama — can play social egalitarianism — I pray there will not be an event that does indeed wake us up. Sadly, history does not support that desire.

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