No one ever asked Obama what “fundamentally transforming” meant

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In 2008, when the young, charismatic and charming junior Senator promised “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America,” not a single person asked the question “from what to what?”

Those are two seminal questions I try to tackle in my book Guardian of the Republic because if our electorate continues to be poorly informed, then any smooth talking charlatan can come forth with poll-tested bumper sticker slogans and our Republic will fall to a “cult of personality.”

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I hope my book will be seen as a clarion call for Americans to rediscover the greatness of our nation – at the very least, it will help you understand why I feel so fervently and passionately that what we have here needs to be protected and guarded. You can read an excerpt here.

I’ve just finished a whirlwind first two weeks out speaking and doing book signings for Guardian of the Republic. Tonight I’ll have my first local South Florida book signing at Deer Creek Country Club in Deerfield Beach Florida.

I’ve been so encouraged by all the people I’ve met over these past two weeks from NYC to Walla Walla, Washington from Fresno, California to the Valley Forge Military Academy and College in Pennsylvania. Americans are looking to reconnect with the essence of this Constitutional Republic and seek a brighter future.

It is amazing to me that we’re close to reaching the one million mark on Facebook, and our website has racked up over 16 million page views since we launched. I am so very humbled that so many Americans are interested in what this fella from the inner city of Atlanta has to say.

I hope you’ll check out my book as well, because I want to share my story, and most of all, I hope you’ll join me as a Guardian of the Republic.

And stay tuned for when I may be coming to your neighborhood. I’d be honored to sign your copy.
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