Airlines collude to prevent minority travel with racist practices

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I had the honor to travel with my boss, LTC Allen West, on a recent speaking engagement to Fresno to address the Sunbird Conservatives Conference, and I experienced first-hand the terrible travel-suppression practices airlines are using these days to prevent minority travel.

Former Congressman Allen West, a black man, was required to show his photo I.D. in order to board the plane. I was appalled.

But then for that matter, I as a woman, was also required to show a photo I.D. Such rampant sexism must end!

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Tomorrow, I will fly back to Florida with my father, who is Jewish. He will also have to show a photo I.D. to board the plane. Can you believe the blatant anti-Semitism that goes on unchallenged in this country?

How can we allow this travel suppression to continue?

The argument from the Left regarding a photo I.D to vote is patently absurd.

Using this ridiculous argument, airlines are racist, every single government building is racist, retailers who require I.D. to accept checks are racist — and in the height of hypocrisy, the 2012 Democrat National Convention was racist for requiring a photo I.D. for entry.

But the fact is, Democrats aren’t really concerned about suppressing the vote, they’re simply concerned that requiring a photo I.D will suppress the FRAUD.

When their policies are failing the very communities they pretend to champion, when disenchantment is growing and minority voter turnout is predicted to drop in the midterm elections, how else can the Left assure victory without being able to double-count a few million votes?
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