California, here I come…to Fresno

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I am taking a flight out to California to speak at the Sunbird Conservative Conference being held at Fresno Pacific University and cosponsored by the Young Americas Foundation. It is such an honor to be able to travel across this great country and share thoughts, perspectives, and insights with Americans who are concerned about the restoration of their Republic. I will be joined by the astute academic and classical historian Victor Davis Hanson. The theme centers on the preservation of liberty, and the fight against the encroachment of government as it relates specifically to the issue of water rights affecting the central valley of California.

My objective for the presentation will be to discuss my recently released book, “Guardian of the Republic” and the fundamental principles of governance established by our founding fathers, and bequeathed to us. I sincerely believe we are at that defining moment in determining the next 50 years for the American Constitutional Republic — sadly, most of our countrymen have no idea what that means. I especially look forward to the question and answer portion which will allow the exchange of ideas — something liberal progressive socialists do not support.

When you analyze the current state of affairs in America, who would ever believe our federal government would be confiscating the cattle of a free range rancher? Or how about the forced resignation of the Mozilla CEO due to his freedom of expression activity 6 years ago? It is this sense of fear, coercion, and intimidation ala the IRS targeting scandal — which is not phony by the way — that has many Americans — at least the ones paying attention — quite concerned. That is why conferences like the Sunbird Conservative are vital in the edification of the American electorate in order to promote better political decision making. But our responsibility is to then get that message of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, a free market, strong national defense, and traditional values promulgated throughout the American Republic.

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Looking at the 2012 presidential electoral map, you will see that close to 73 percent of the counties in America were won by former Gov. Mitt Romney. What that means is that the liberal Left has been successful in turning national level elections into a science. If we are unable to penetrate the population centers, which they have micro-targeted, it becomes a fait accompli. They now know what counties in what states will yield them the exact number of electoral college votes (always approx 313) to win in an electoral landslide.

So my message for the Sunbird Conservative Conference will be to turn principles into policies and policies into the emotional connection with the American people. We need to talk less about debt, deficits, and budgets and more about the specific issues that create better opportunities for all. As well, my dear friend David Horowitz says it succinctly, “We need to go for the heart.”

Take the gloves off and start exposing the liberal progressives who now control the Democrat party as the liars that they are. Put them on defense and expose the political games they are playing with the lives of the American people.

I am excited about returning to “The Valley” and look forward to seeing y’all out there!

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