Photo IDs fail to suppress Afghan vote — never mind the suicide bombs

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Talk about voter suppression! Voters in Afghanistan have had to dodge drive-by shootings and suicide bombings, but there’s not a word about the “indignity” of carrying a photo I.D. to the polling place.

As the Associated Press reports, The run-up to the election was troubling: the Islamic radicals of the Taliban, reviled by many but still popular in some areas, view the entire enterprise as the work of outsiders and infidels, and they vowed to disrupt it by targeting polling centers and election workers.

To drive home the threat, insurgents in recent weeks stepped up shootings and bombings in the heart of Kabul to show they are capable of striking even in highly secured areas. A restaurant popular with foreigners and one of the capital’s main hotels were hit, killing many. Suicide bombers struck relentlessly.

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On Friday, veteran Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus was killed and AP reporter Kathy Gannon was wounded when a local policeman opened fire as they sat in their car on the outskirts of Khost, in eastern Afghanistan. The two were at a security forces base, waiting to move in a convoy of election workers delivering ballots — apparent victims of an “insider attack” in which the very people tasked with protection turn out to be insurgents.

But as you can see in this video, the people of Afghanistan will not be cowed, and will do what they can to ensure democratic elections — even if it means getting a photo for a voter identification. You cannot tell me citizens of the United States face a hardship in getting photo IDs to show at their polling place. How do the people of Afghanistan manage it, when they don’t have a CVS, Walgreens or Duane Reade at every corner?

When liberals in this country talk about “voter suppression” they really mean “fraudulent voter suppression” — yes, requiring a photo I.D. will suppress fraudulent votes. If you don’t agree with me, come on down to Florida and we’ll chat about it. But first, try getting on the plane without your repressive photo IDs.

(Hat tip to reader Dave Panek for pointing out this story. We really appreciate all the comments and emails you send. Wish there was more time in the day to respond to the thousands we receive each week)- MH

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