Michael Behenna is free, but so is Ali Musa Daqduq: The world is upside down

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I am quite certain the world is upside down.

Perhaps I am simplistic, but I think the job of our military — our warriors — in combat is to win. And ugly though it is, you generally do that by breaking things and killing bad guys. Nobody said that combat should be pretty – unless of course, you’re part of the group who danced in drag on Okinawa recently. They were all very pretty. Particularly the men.

But I digress.

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The world is upside down because the warriors we train to send into battle, to do our ugliest work, against the ugliest enemies, are more and more treated like criminals when they do the jobs we’ve trained them to do.

Such was the case with Michael Behenna. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. The former Army First Lieutenant made a split-second decision on the battlefield when he was questioning a known member of al-Qaida.

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Behenna said, “He throws a piece of concrete and it hits right by my head, and by the time I turned around to look, he stood up. He stood up like he’s coming at me, so I’m thinking he’s gonna take my weapon and use it on me.”

So in that split second, Behenna instinctively shot Ali Mansur and killed him. For that action, Behenna was convicted of unpremeditated murder in 2009 and sentenced to 15 years in Ft Leavenworth prison. Last month, he was granted parole after serving 5 years.

Right and wrong have become so muddled up in our society. Evan Sayet in his book The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks, talks about the Indiscriminateness of liberalism, in that there is a total rejection of the intellectual process as an absolute moral imperative. We can no longer agree on what is right and what is wrong – because discrimination of any kind is forbidden for the Left.

Greg Gutfeld, in his new book, Not Cool, recounts the story of Christopher Dorner, who for a few weeks terrorized Southern California after he killed three police officers and wounded three others. He was lionized on Twitter – just as DzhokharTsarnaev the doe-eyed Boston marathon terrorist murderer was splashed on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Yet Michael Behenna, who volunteered to serve his country and if necessary, die for it, is branded a war criminal. Warriors who were forced to make a decision on the battlefield and didn’t have time to worry about someone’s feelings but needed to answer the question, am I going to live or die – are treated the same as thugs.

“In prison you have guys that are career criminals and guys that have robbed somebody, killed somebody in the civilian world, in the United States,” said Behenna. “Then you have those war criminals that were put in tough situation over in Iraq and Afghanistan that made split-second choices, decisions and they were prosecuted for it. Those guys are… they’re war criminals just like… they’re just like me. They’re good people.”

Like Clint Lorance, who joined the Army on his 18th birthday and devoted the next 10 years of his life to serving our country. As described by DCX, Lorance made the decision to protect his troops by preventing Taliban scouts from relaying back to the Taliban any further information as to the platoon’s whereabouts by ordering a trained US marksman, who was standing guard in an overwatch position from the road on a US gun truck, to fire two long-range precision shots, eliminating the threat, but it was too late. Within minutes Lorance and his men found themselves embroiled in a gunfight with Taliban fighters. Nonetheless, Lorance was sentenced to 20 years.

But then there’s the Lebanese terrorist with ties to Hezbollah, Ali Musa Daqduq. Daqduq was the mastermind behind a 2007 terrorist attack in Karbala, Iraq where the enemy donned US military uniforms, kidnapped, ritually tortured and dismembered, then killed five American Soldiers. Daqduq was subsequently captured in a raid operation and held by the US. But the Obama administration decided not to transfer Daqduq to GITMO so as not to violate Iraqi sovereignty, and instead released him to the Iraqis. The Iraqis in turn set him free.

The world is upside down. We have 215 days until the midterm elections. Maybe we can turn the world around then.

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