US ships 300,000 MREs to Ukraine. Yep, that’ll scare Putin!

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Marie Antoinette is said to have quipped, “Let them eat cake.” Barack Obama says, “Let them eat MREs.” Ukraine’s Prime Minister came to Washington DC to meet with President Obama and requested military arms support. Instead he got chicken ala king.

As reported in The Hill, The United States delivered 300,000 Meals Ready to Eat to the Ukranian military, the first delivery of American aid to the former Soviet republic, following Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Stupid me, I thought the Ukrainians were concerned about the invasion of their sovereign state, not nutritious meals.

The supplies were transported from a military distribution depot in Germany to the city of Krakovets, on the border between Ukraine and Poland. The U.S. European Command said “More non-lethal items are being considered for future delivery.”

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When you have some 80,000 Russian troops massing on your border, methinks you might need some lethal items — certainly not MREs.

Last Thursday, the International Monetary Fund also announced that it had agreed to terms on a two-year standby credit of $14 billion to $18 billion to assist the interim government in Kiev, conditioned on strict economic reforms. President Obama heralded the loan program as a “major step forward” for Ukraine at a press conference in Rome on Thursday. “This significant package of support is going to help Ukraine stabilize its economy and meet the needs of the Ukrainian people over the long term, because it provides the prospect for true growth,” Obama said.

Once again, Obama fails to understand what is truly at stake. It’s not Ukrainian economic stability, but rather its existence as a free nation. Vladimir Putin’s center of gravity is energy, and economic sanctions or aid to Ukraine will not deter him from his objective. More talk from John Kerry only makes us look weak, and Putin is certainly not operating from a position of weakness — not matter how many times President Obama says that to convince himself so.

The North Koreans just fired off some 500 artillery rounds into South Korean waters. And it was four years ago North Korea sank a South Korean naval vessel killing 46 Sailors.

The world is on edge. And Barack Obama sends MREs — you can only imagine the message that is sending. Yep, America voted cool, and look what we got.

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