Personal thoughts on the launch of Guardian of the Republic

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This will be a monumental week in my life: the release of my first book, Guardian of the Republic. It was exactly a year ago that I began this literary project and the day has come for its debut.

I will be on the road traveling a good deal this week from Washington, DC to Valley Forge, Penn. to Wenatchee, Wash. There is no greater honor than to stand before Americans and speak of what we can do to restore this great nation. I’ll try to provide daily summaries of my travels and some post assessing the days news. We’ll keep you apprised of the major media hits so you can tune in if you like.

These are indeed the times that try men’s and women’s souls and I wholeheartedly believe our greatest days are ahead. We are Americans and just too resilient to lie down without a fight. The nature of who we are is not weakness, it is exceptionalism in all we do. We just need to be reminded of the composition of our DNA and the American genetic code that we pass on to subsequent generations. My mom and dad have long since gone home to God, but their lessons, guidance, counsel, and love resides in me — and I shall pass it on.

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Speaking of passing, congratulations to the NCAA Basketball Tournament Final Four: UConn, Florida, Wisconsin, and Kentucky — who said the Southeastern Conference didn’t play basketball? Our esteemed conference only sent three teams to March Madness — Tennessee (who made it to the Sweet 16 and lost by one to Michigan), Florida, and Kentucky. Could there be a rematch of the SEC Conference final between the Florida and Kentucky?

Very well, as you awake to read this little missive, I am probably already in Washington DC preparing to chat up Politico — fun times.

There will be a very surprising interview this week — but you’ll just have to find out on Tuesday.

Steadfast and Loyal!

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