Social egalitarianism hits new height of absurdity with baseball bleachers

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You simply can’t make this stuff up — but I have to ask, where does it end? When will the American people rally and cast aside this cancerous ideal of social egalitarianism? Now it’s baseball bleachers, for goodness sake.

As reported by The Blaze, “The U.S Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has forced a school in Michigan to tear down a brand-new set of bleachers for its boys’ varsity baseball team because the new seating is nicer than the girls’ softball bleachers.” Yes, they ordered seats torn down – which by the way have been in place six years ago — because they were nicer than the girls’ softball bleachers.

The raised seating deck for the boy’s baseball team was paid for and installed by parents. Fans who’d come to watch games at Plymouth High School in Canton, Michigan were having a hard time seeing the game through the chain-link fence, according to WJBK-TV. The parents installed the new bleachers themselves and even added a new scoreboard.

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However “someone” complained to the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights that the bleachers were unequal because the boys’ bleachers were nicer. Government officials investigated and agreed. The school was told it had to remove the new seating because it was “no longer equal” to the adjacent girls’ softball bleachers, which have yet to get a makeover of their own. Further, government officials said, the new boys’ bleachers were not sufficiently handicap-accessible.

The school agreed to tear down the new bleachers after government officials issued a citation. The superintendent also said that the school doesn’t have the money to renovate the girls’ bleachers. They will, however, add a new scoreboard to the girls’ field soon.

In other words, the government doesn’t want us to better ourselves, with our own resources. This is by far one of the top asinine decisions — among many asinine decisions — that have emanated from this Obama administration.

Fear, coercion and intimidation are the liberal progressive socialist tools to get people to bend to their will. These bleachers were built using good ol’ American initiative, innovation, investment, and hard work. The parents of the girls’ softball team could do the same.

What lesson have the kids been taught? They’ve been exposed to the danger of socialism, where everyone is at the same level in shared misery, and no one is allowed to rise above — regardless of individual liberty and initiative. Whoever made the complaint, I hope you feel good about yourself, but the day is coming when America casts aside this insidious concept of fairness and equality of outcomes. And it better be sooner rather than later.

The parents ought to sue Arne Duncan and the Department of Education to recover their expenses, don’t you think?

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