Muslims pressure NYC schools to provide halal food

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I often share with y’all one of my favorite sayings: “when tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide.” The way radical Islamists will subvert our culture and way of life will be simple and incremental. They will force decisions to be made to accommodate their sharia-based Islamic law, and those who challenge them will be castigated as “Islamophobes.” I will not be deterred.

As reported by the Jewish Press, “Proposed legislation was introduced into New York City Council to require that the city’s public schools provide Islamic-compliant food – halal – as an option in the cafeterias. The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) joined forces with council member Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. (Brooklyn) and fourteen other city council members who co-sponsored Espinal’s Resolution 54.

Yes, the infamous organization CAIR is behind this initiative, the same organization listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist funding trial in US history, the Holy Land Foundation. And you must understand, they are demanding that the American taxpayer be responsible for providing these specific foods.

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The Resolution goes into explicit detail about what Islamic-observant students are permitted to eat and what they must avoid eating, as well as stating who made those determinations. Here’s just a snippet:

Whereas, The practice of Islam is determined by the Islamic teachings as guided by the holy book Quran and the Hadith, and sayings of the Prophet Mohammad, which includes observing dietary laws; and Whereas, Islamic dietary laws delineate foods that are halal, meaning lawful or permitted, and those that are haram, meaning not permitted.

The group has no accurate way to determine how many schoolchildren in New York City are Muslim or how many observe strict halal guidelines, but it could be around 12 percent. Undeterred by the lack of hard information, the legislators pointed to the Detroit public school system where 35 percent of the students are estimated to be Muslim. In Detroit, the school district began a halal pilot program in 2001 which has expanded to 35 schools in the district.

But you don’t want school kids going hungry do you? You see, unless a halal option is offered, the unknown number of New York City’s schoolchildren who can only eat halal food will suffer — either having to eat the vegetarian option already offered in the school system, or having to bring their own food from home. If the food is brought from home, it probably won’t still be hot by lunch time. Oh, the inhumanity of a cold sandwich!

But here’s the key point. There are of course many other students in New York City schools who have religious dietary requirements. That would be the Jewish kids. The New York City public schools don’t offer kosher lunches and to date, no Jewish groups have marched themselves into the New York City council chambers demanding that there be a kosher food option.

What I find quite interesting, if this passes, is that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to close down successful charter schools in Harlem for lower income black children, but taxpayers will have to feed Muslim kids special meals? Dude, this is dumb, it is a no-brainer. Tell CAIR to pound sand. If they want special halal meals for their kids, pack it for them. The parents can buy a special halal meal microwave and get school permission to place them in the cafeterias — case closed, problem solved.

This is not about lunch for Muslim kids, it’s about the slow steady march towards sharia compliance. And while we’re on the subject, lets talk about why there are no churches in Saudi Arabia and why Christians are being murdered, persecuted, and driven out of their historical homelands by Islamic terrorists. Spare me the kumbaya “coexistence” stuff.

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